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We began work with Gymshark in 2017 globally. With big ideas to offer the best possible customer experience, Gymshark were able to launch Free Returns in the UK and US as well as near instant refunds using the ReBOUND platform. Gymshark use ReBOUND in 35 countries sending returns back to the UK and their DC in Belgium.

Find out more about Gymshark's journey with ReBOUND from their Head of Logistics, Joe Francis.




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Wiggle began using ReBOUND to offer cross-border returns from Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and the US in 2014. 4 years later, the Customer Delivery Manager, for both Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles,  became a true champion of ReBOUND and built a business case to implement ReBOUND globally in 2018. Their custom-made portal offers cycling enthusiasts a consistent brand experience, and with 55+ carriers available, returns have never been simpler. 

Find out more about Wiggle/CRC's journey with ReBOUND from their Group Customer Delivery Manager, Doug MacGrain.



Case Studies


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E-Commerce Executive

"The ReBOUND team are extremely helpful, and very quick to respond anytime we need them. The platform is easy to use, and their consolidated returns model has sped up the process of returns from Mainland Europe by a week compared to our previous solution.

Not only have their streamlined logistics saved the company time and money, our customers love it! Customer service contacts from international customers has reduced by 20% since going live with ReBOUND. Our customers are more confident in the return process, and happier with the service they receive.


Operations Manager

"Having a platform like ReBOUND means we don’t have to worry about returns. We don’t have to chase postal services all over the world if a parcel gets lost. Our entire reverse supply chain is all in one place, and you guys handle any problems that may pop up. We always know where our product is and we know when it is going to get to us. It just feels a lot more organised, and it allows us to operate with a really lean team, even as we continue to expand internationally.

"And it’s great for our customers. From a shopper point of view, it’s a trusted service. We very rarely receive any customer service contacts about returns. I think that has a lot to do with the tracking that you offer, and the fact that everything is in local language.  It definitely makes things simpler."


Head of Logistics

“ReBOUND adds a level of credibility.  I know from where we were when we went live with ReBOUND, being a fast growing retailer, we wouldn't have had the time or resource to build our own portal, much less go to all the different carriers all over the world  and put our business out to tender. 

The fact that that's all done and ready to go with a platform that just works, is really helpful.

It saved us a lot of time ultimately, and it meant us to offer a much improved customer experience much quicker. If we had tried to do it ourselves, I don't think we would have it done, over a year later.”

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