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The ReBOUND returns portal is intelligent by design and verified by over 500 brands. Powering around 100 million returns transactions per year, ReBOUND is the market leader in online returns.

Client Case Studies


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Watch this video to hear from Gymshark's Head of Logistics, Joe Francis


We began work with Gymshark in 2017 globally. With big ideas to offer the best possible customer experience, Gymshark were able to launch free returns in the UK and US as well as near instant refunds using the ReBOUND platform.

Gymshark use ReBOUND in 40 countries sending returns back to their Distribution centres in UK, Belgium and Canada.

Key success metrics

Since launching with ReBOUND, Gymshark's return rate has increased by 4.5% however, this is offset by some brilliant results such as...

- An increase in average order value of £16, from £58 to £74.

- Gymshark has seen a 204% increase in returning customers (90% increase in new customer acquisition).




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The Goal:

Surfdome needed to find a solution to empower customers to take return tracking into their own hands, while increasing their own visibility. 

The Solution: 

Having looked into several alternative solutions, ReBOUND all-in-one platform was the perfect fit. Surfdome were able to go live with tracked returns in every country they sold into, without the adding any additional costs to the project.
Surfdome's Operations team worked with ReBOUND to build a global return proposition in a matter of weeks and have been reaping the benefits of that decision ever since!

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Watch the video to hear from Wiggle/CRC's Group Delivery Manager, Doug MacGrain. 

Wiggle/Chain Reaction Cycles

Wiggle was one of ReBOUND's first ever customers, and as an early adopter of the solution helped us to develop a truly global proposition.

Wiggle began using ReBOUND to offer cross-border returns from Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and the US in 2014. 4 years later, the Customer Delivery Manager, for both Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles,  became a true champion of ReBOUND and built a business case to implement ReBOUND globally in 2018. Their custom-made portal offers cycling enthusiasts a consistent brand experience, and with 55+ carriers available, returns have never been simpler. 

Since removing in-parcel labels from outbound orders, Wiggle has already seen a reduction in customer queries during the returns process and expects the new online-only experience to further reduce customer contact.

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New Era Caps

New Era’s Head of Operations, Danny Moult, worked alongside the ReBOUND team to create a returns proposition that met all of their needs.
We were able to configure a free returns trial in key markets, giving New Era the ability to forecast an accurate ROI of offering free returns. 
With speed being important, ReBOUND created a simplified, no-integration-required project plan that allowed New Era to go live with and end-to-end managed service in just over a week, with no IT resource needed. 


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