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Return Process
Why was ReBOUND developed?
ReBOUND has been developed to plug the gap in the market for a robust reverse logistics solution for online retailers. The solution has been created by a supply chain company with over 10 years’ experience in reverse logistics. ReBOUND is an innovative, world-class managed returns service trusted by over 500 retailers and online shoppers all over the world. 
Who else uses ReBOUND?
Since the beginning we've convinced over 500 global brands to join the returns revolution, so you'll be in good company! Our core product sectors include fashion, footwear and beauty retailers. For a snapshot of the retailers we work with, be sure to check out our clients page. 
Which countries do you support?
We support over 195 countries and territories through a single IT platform. Our returns plans cover UK, EU and International, so you can choose the best solution for your needs.
How can I promote my brand using ReBOUND?
By allowing your international customers to return with ReBOUND, you'll be joining the likes of ASOS, Gymshark and Missguided who actively promote an easier, cheaper and more positive return experience. ReBOUND helps you to offer a local return feel for your customers to give them the confidence in your return policy and process - which in turn, should encourage shoppers all over the world to buy more from your brand.
How do I integrate with ReBOUND?

You can integrate with ReBOUND via API, FTP or common eCommerce platform connectors such as Shopify and Magento. The entire returns portal is powered by a single integration, making set-up quick and easy. Once the integration is complete, all you need to do is direct your shoppers to the returns portal via a link in your returns policy. 

What order data do I need to share with ReBOUND?

You'll need to feed us some basic order information such as order reference, order date and currency code. We'll also need to know a little about the items so will need relevant SKU codes, SKU descriptions, quantity ordered, item price and item pictures. This will allow us to pre-populate the portal so that when a customer enters their order number, they will be given the option to easily select the products they wish to return and indicate the reason why. For returns outside of the EU, we'll also need some basic export information to ensure easy customs clearance. 

What is the difference between API integration and plug-ins?
Plug-ins already contain all the code that is needed through an API integration. In short, this means that rather than the retailer having to build the code in the background to push the data to us, the specific plug-in already knows were to get this data from within your system so it can pull it out instead, saving time and manpower. However, if you're looking to set custom return rules within your portal, API would be the best route as this allows you greater customisation over the data feed. 
Do I need to involve my carrier management system provider?

Nope! We just need outbound order data from you, which doesn’t need to be sent through a carrier management system. 

Can I use my own carrier accounts?

On our Professional and Enterprise plans, you're able to use your own carrier accounts if you wish. This will mean that you'll handle the carrier relationship directly and be able to use any pre-agreed rates you have with that specific carrier. For SaaS models there will be a small per-parcel label fee in addition to the monthly ReBOUND fee. 

Can I customise the data I send to you?
When integrating via API you can set custom return rules that will then automatically be applied within the portal. This includes setting certain items as non-returnable (e.g underwear and beauty products). If you've got specific return rules you'd like to apply, just let us know and we'll talk through how to do this. 
Does the portal support multiple languages?

Absolutely. On our Professional or Enterprise plans, the returns portal will automatically translate into local language based on the shoppers IP address. They can also change languages using a drop-down menu within the portal. 

Does the returns portal support multiple currencies?

Yes. Customers will be able to pay for their return in local currency, and will have a choice of payment methods they know and trust. 

What return support do you offer to shoppers?

Your customer service teams will have access to the admin portal to help answer WISMR queries by locating return status. We offer different levels of support on each of our returns plans including a dedicated account manager on our Enterprise plan.

Who pays for the return postage?

That depends on your own return policy. ReBOUND can support consumer paid, retailer paid and subsidised returns. You'll even have the freedom to customise your return policy by country or carrier for flexible payment options. Your customers can pay online in local currency, or we can invoice you direct if you don’t want your customers to be charged for returns.

Do my customers need to print a return label?
For certain carriers your shoppers may need to print a return label. However, we have a growing range of printerless return options that provide shoppers with a QR code or barcode instead. 
Are there any product restrictions?

We operate within the same constraints as outbound delivery carriers when it comes to hazardous or bulky goods. If your online order has been shipped cross-border then it can usually be returned in the same way.

What is the typical journey of a return package?

The returned package will be picked up by the chosen carrier. The carrier will deliver this package to the in-country hub. Packages are consolidated at the hub and international linehaul is arranged to the retailers DC.


Does ReBOUND handle customs clearance?

As part of our managed service, ReBOUND will handle the customs clearance for the returned packages. There is a small amount of data required in the integration feed to allow us to handle customs for you (Export AWB, Export Carrier, etc).

Can ReBOUND help me with my returns post-Brexit?

Absolutely. The EU landscape for UK retailers will change dramatically post-Brexit and ReBOUND can at least help alleviate the headache of returns! Whilst the specifics are still be completely confirmed, ReBOUND already handles customs for countries outside of the EU and so has the necessary practices and policies built in.

Do you offer any inspection/QC or refulfilment in-country?

On our Enterprise returns plan, we can offer in-country inspection and repacking through our third party network. We are more than happy to discuss this in more detail to understand your requirements.

What are consolidated returns?

By aggregating volumes we can keep return costs down. We have locations all over the world, so your customers can send their packages back to their local return location. We will then consolidate the packages and linehaul them back to you.

What is the difference between each plan?

The main difference between the 3 plans is the coverage. The starter plan is for UK only, so if you sell in Europe or internationally then you'll be looking at either our Professional or Enterprise plan. With each plan there are more features available, so for a full breakdown of the plans and what's included please get in touch. 

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Our plans are designed to scale with you as you grow, so you can upgrade your plan at any time. 

Do I need my own carrier accounts for any of the plans?

Nope! We have a library of over 220 carrier services globally, so ReBOUND can manage the entire end-to-end journey for you. If you wish to use any of your own carrier relationships you can do this on the Professional or Enterprise plans on a SaaS basis where we charge a transaction fee per return.

Can I use ReBOUND if my warehouse is outside the UK?

Yes, ReBOUND manages returns from anywhere to anywhere. If you're based outside the UK, you'll need to consider our Enterprise returns plan which includes global coverage.

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