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Background and Concept
> How has ReBOUND been developed?

ReBOUND has been developed over the past 4 years to plug the gap in the market for a robust reverse logistics solution for online retailers. The solution has been created by a supply chain company with 10 years’ experience in reverse logistics. ReBOUND is an innovative, world-class managed returns service trusted by retailers and online shoppers all over the world. We have transformed the way that consumers and retailers view and manage the online returns experience.

> Who else uses ReBOUND?

Many major retail brands are already benefitting from using ReBOUND, so you’ll be in good company! The majority of our customers are fashion retailers and include ASOS, Boden, Mango, Surfdome and Wiggle.

> Is there any evidence that a better cross-border returns service leads to more sales?

We're often asked if we have any evidence to support the theory that improving your cross-border returns policy and process will increase check-out conversion. We're currently working with retailers to validate this. In a Bower-Maxham study which compares data from 2 large online retailers, they reported a massive 357% sales increase when they began to offer free returns. We also know that uncertainty around returns is the biggest barrier to cross-border transactions in all regions, so if the returns process is not clear and simple, then your returns policy and process is already preventing potential customers from buying from you.

> Which countries do you support?

ReBOUND is a global solution supporting 195 countries and territories through a single IT platform so our return coverage is international. Our solution development matches the demand of our retailers, so we are already live in all the typical eCommerce destinations throughout Europe, Australia and the USA. If you have a specific region in mind, just send us a message to check.

> Are the goods consolidated in-country?

Yes, typically it makes sense to consolidate returned packages in-country, so you don’t receive one package at a time. By aggregating volumes we can keep return costs down. We have locations all over the world, so your customers can send their packages back to their local return location. We will then consolidate the packages and linehaul them back to you.

> How can I promote my brand using ReBOUND?

By allowing your international customers to return with ReBOUND, you'll be joining the likes of ASOS, Boden and Surfdome who actively promote an easier, cheaper and more positive return experience. ReBOUND helps you to offer a local return feel for your customers to give them the confidence in your return policy and process - which in turn, should encourage shoppers all over the world to buy more from your brand.

Online Experience
> Is there an alternative to using an online returns portal?

We recommend that you opt for using our self-service online platform with product validation so your customers can easily shop and return online in just a few clicks. This means you no longer need to send out lots of paperwork and forms in the package (which can easily get misplaced) as the customer can now indicate which items they will be returning, why and how before printing out their label. If this option is not suitable, we can also offer a label in a box solution where the freepost local return label is dispatched with the outbound order and remains dormant until activated by the consumer. The label then becomes live on our system giving you visibility.

> Can your returns platform support multiple languages?

Yes, our booking system has local language capability, translated to suit your international customers.

> Can your returns platform support multiple currencies?

Yes, it’s important that customers can transact in their local currency, and have a choice of payment methods that they trust. Our payment gateway allows 130 different currencies in over 150 different payment methods.

> If my customers have any problems e.g producing a label, what support do you offer?

We have a UK-based Customer Service team to support your customers returning with ReBOUND and all enquiries are answered within 24 hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (UK Time). Our team are able to advise customers on the status of their return and assist with any queries about using our online self-service system.

> Who pays for the return postage?

That depends on your own return policy. If your return policy is at the consumers own expense, or if you want to offer subsidised returns, or even free returns, ReBOUND is flexible to support those options. Your customers can pay online in local currency, or we can invoice you direct if you don’t want your customers to be charged for returns.

> How cost-effective is ReBOUND for my customers?

The average cost-saving with ReBOUND is 45%. This return cost covers the entire return journey from your international customer all the way back to your warehouse.

> Who prints the label?

It is usually the customer’s responsibility to print out their own return label. However, if they don’t have immediate access to a printer at the point they register online, they can retrieve their label later through their email confirmation, so they can print it out at a time and place that suits them. We are also working with carriers globally to explore printerless return options and in some markets, these options are already live on our online platform. If you do not use our online platform and opt for the ‘label-in-a-box’ solution instead, then you will need to print out the label with the outbound order.

Physical Return Process
> Are there any product restrictions?

We operate within the same constraints as outbound delivery carriers when it comes to hazardous or bulky goods. If your online order has been shipped cross-border then it can usually be returned in the same way.

> What are the transit times?

Transit times vary based on the customers choice of return method. Typically transit times are 5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the ROW.

> Are the returned goods insured?

Standard Indemnity cover applies on all tracked return options up to the value of £50. Customers will shortly have an option to add additional insurance to include contents cover.

> What is the return process for low-volume countries?

If you have low volume countries, your customers can pay to send an individual parcel directly back to you. We typically charge your customer less than 50% of the standard tariff for this service, so a direct solution is still cost-effective for them.

> Which carriers do you use?

We use carriers which are familiar to the end customer. ReBOUND has access to a global network of domestic and international carriers in almost every country with services ranging from economy to express. Regardless of which carrier you used for outbound delivery – ReBOUND will handle the return for you.

> How easy/fast is it to implement ReBOUND as my global return solution?

Implementation can take as little as 2 weeks. You just need to include a link on your site under your returns policy which links your customers through to our online platform. Our team can also help you with the messaging of your returns policy to support the communication of a new return service.

> What data do you need from me (the retailer)?

In order to give you visibility of exactly what products are being returned from all over the world, we need your outbound order data to validate your customers return. This can be sent through an API call so that when a customer enters their order number, they will be given the option to easily select the products they wish to return and indicate the reason why.

> Do I need to use a carrier management system?

No. We just need outbound order data from you, which doesn’t need to be sent through a carrier management system. 

> Does ReBOUND produce customs info?

If your returns are being sent from outside of the EU, we will handle the customs clearance for you, providing we have the correct product data. All packages will be clearly marked as returns so you or your customers won’t get charged additional tax or duty.