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Find answers to some of our most asked questions, or ask your own!




Background & Concept

How has ReBOUND been developed?
Who else uses ReBOUND?
Is there any evidence that a better cross-border returns service leads to more sales?
Which countries do you support?
Are the goods consolidated in-country?
How can I promote my brand using ReBOUND?




How easy/fast is it to implement ReBOUND as my global return solution?
What data do you need from me (the retailer)?
Do I need to use a carrier management system?
Does ReBOUND produce customs info?





Online Experience


Is there an alternative to using an online returns portal?
Can your returns platform support multiple languages?
Can your returns platform support multiple currencies?
If my customers have any problems e.g producing a label, what support do you offer?
Who pays for the return postage?
How cost-effective is ReBOUND for my customers?
Who prints the label?




Physical Return Process

Are there any product restrictions?
Are there any product restrictions?
Are the returned goods insured?
What is the return process for low-volume countries?
Which carriers do you use?