Career Story: Oana Popescu

By Chloe Aftab

Oana Popescu began her journey at ReBound in July 2021 as a Transport Coordinator based in Bucharest, Romania. In her role, she coordinates all of the returns throughout Europe for ReBound’s core clients. This entails communicating with carriers to ensure that items have been properly registered in their systems and checking if they will be able to pick up the returned packages according to schedule. 

She was seeking a new challenge that would allow her to continue growing within the field of logistics but would also permit her to have a healthy work-life balance when she saw the job listed on LinkedIn and decided to apply. Shortly after, HR contacted her to schedule an initial interview. Because her recruitment began during the time when lockdowns were in effect due to COVID-19, the entire process was conducted digitally. For her, this felt like a new challenge, but she was also skeptical as to how it would work. However, in the end, the process went very smoothly and according to her, HR provided answers to her questions quickly which helped make the decision to accept the job even easier. “It was a very nice experience, to be honest. HR was very supportive to me and provided all the necessary feedback.” 

Her background includes eight years of experience in logistics, working in high-pressure environments. The first five years she spent in critical transport, dealing with expensive and urgent deliveries. Then, she moved to maritime transport, coordinating exports. In these roles, she often worked well over a 40-hour workweek and many things were out of her control that added pressure to the job. After years in these environments, she was seeking a new role that would still provide her with the challenge that she loved within logistics but would be more predictable and under control. Of her current role at ReBound, she said, “Now I can say I have the balance I was looking for between my private and business life. And I can say I am enjoying it!” 

When speaking about the culture at ReBound, Oana discussed the inclusivity and diversity within the company, stating “It is very multicultural. It is nice to interact with different people and to have an exchange of opinions.” She also mentioned the flat hierarchy in the company and how everyone works together as a team. “If something goes wrong, people don’t point the finger at each other, and managers have an attitude that all team members need to work together to find solutions to problems.” She also appreciates the dynamic environments that ReBound provides and that no two days are the same. 

So, what’s her favorite part of the job? Her team! “I am part of an amazing team. This is the best team I have had, ever. The business is growing fast and each month, it is a different challenge. I don’t have the time to get bored.” 


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