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Graham Best

Graham champions The Returns Revolution and is never happier than when he's stirring up trouble in the industry! When he's not out picking fights though, you'll find him on the golf course.

The Returns Revolution is all about change and raising shoppers expectations of their return experience. In any revolution though, there are winners and losers, and the people with the most to lose are the companies offering the one size fits all, take-it-or-leave-it options. They are the enemies of consumer choice and Graham is ready to carry the fight on behalf of every retailer and consumer out there.

But let's not forget that he readily admits to being terrible at DIY and once painted himself into a corner...

Phil Smith

Phil is a real details guy with years of supply chain experience.

ReBOUND has a very simple origin story and it's thanks to Phil. After seeing a stack of paperwork fall out of his wife's online shopping with multiple return forms and labels which didn't even apply in this country, he thought there must be a better way to manage returns. Four years later (and four cumbersome IT projects later) we've now developed a winning formula and the platform continues to advance under Phil's watchful eye.

Phil's getting used to losing on company bowling nights out but just don't call him Paul...he's not so forgiving.

Charlotte Monk-Chipman
Marketing Director

Charlotte has been with ReBOUND since day one, shaping the brand from concept into the global business we are today. Everything from graphic design, public speaking at industry events and designing the user-experience of the ReBOUND platform, she is the office glue and knows ReBOUND inside and out.

Charlotte has no idea about music in the charts and mishears song lyrics on a daily basis. She’s forever requesting 80’s tunes and will clear the dancefloor for Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’.

Mark Craig
Sales Director

Mark is an eCommerce veteran having spent the past 30 years helping retail businesses grow by providing a better customer experience.

Prior to ReBOUND, Mark enjoyed nearly 5 years in Enterprise Sales at MetaPack, working with the top 100 retailers. After being so focused on Delivery, Mark's now enjoying being on the flip-side which he now sees as the new battleground for retailers.

This is also the first time in his life that he's not had to commute to work, so is thrilled to find such an innovative company on his doorstep, and as a keen cyclist, he can even cycle to work!

raju Dhanhoa
Raj Dhanhoa
Operations Director

Raj brings the unique perspective of having worked in retail operations for several years and was even a client of ReBOUND in his previous position at Surfdome, so he knows all too well what a difference a decent returns proposition can make.

He doesn’t like to leave any stone unturned, so put us through our paces when he was evaluating returns suppliers at Surfdome. His favourite pastime is escaping to a sandy beach to catch a few waves - He clearly moved from Australia to the UK for the weather...

Sharon Bagri
Finance Director

Sharon and her team of accountants break the mold of the stereotypical finance person. How many FD's do you know that go to Little Mix gigs? (she says it's for her kids but we know better).

She has a like-it-or-lump-it attitude to life in general and this is true for her own return habits too. She ranks among the worst returners as she never sends anything back, even if she doesn't want it. A bit of a paradox for a Financial Director!

She likes the temperature in her office to be precisely 24 degrees and she still maintains she is cold.

Gary O'Sullivan
Business Development Manager

If you're after a demo of the ReBOUND platform, Gary is your man. He's been with the business for a couple of years now as Business Development Manager helping retailers understand how the ReBOUND solution will benefit their business.

Gary has a particular interest in Digital Technology & Innovation and has previous experience in the retail sector so combining these interests together makes ReBOUND a dream job for him.

Gary has to duck when he walks through the office door as he's so tall but he's a big kid at heart and his guilty pleasure is Marvel films.

Fiona McIntosh
Head of Customer Engagement

What is a technology company without at least one Californian? Fiona made the move from the tech-dominated city of San Francisco 4 years ago and never looked back.

She is always looking to understand what makes a customer tick and before joining ReBOUND, Fiona worked with the likes of The Range and House of Fraser as an Account Manager and Head of Digital Marketing for a Mystery Shopping agency.

Fiona's energy is infectious but besides her warm personality, we mostly just love that she bakes us fun American treats like snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie!

Tony Brown
Operations Manager

Tony formally served full service with Her Majesty’s Armed Services in the Army; a career that lead to Warehouse Management with the DSDA before joining ReBOUND’s founding company TSB Supply Chain and now juggles operations responsibilities for both companies.

When he's not working, this larger-than-life character can be found speeding down mountains either on ski’s or his mountain bike, just don’t tell the COO he’s in A&E again!

James McGill
Network Manager

James has been with us for two and a half years after studying Law at Reading University. For much of that time, he was outnumbered and quickly had to develop a thick skin after working with a bunch of strong women!

As Network Manager, James is 'the solutions guy'. Carrier Integrations? James is your man. Transit time updates? Speak to James. Question about the platform? You guessed it… ask James.

Gabby Sidhu
Account Manager

Most people name their cars, Gabby names her plants and Bonny the Bonsai tree is her pride and joy. Having worked with us since 2014, Gabby is our longest standing account manager (give us a break, we’re only 4 years old!). Gabby started with us as a supply chain intern when she graduated and now manages our top UK and international accounts!

Outside of the office Gabby leads a busy life, but you’ll never see any evidence of it because she is part of the tiny fraction of the millennial population who doesn’t partake in social media - she doesn’t even have Facebook.

Chloe Hayward
Account Manager

Chloe is the newest member of the accounts team but that hasn't stopped her from making huge impact already. With bags of personality and an instant fit with the team, she was elected social secretary in her very first week.

Chloe comes from a background in brand management so she's naturally attuned to helping her clients get the most value out of their relationship with ReBOUND.

She still maintains a slight Aussie twang from her year abroad, eats ketchup with everything and is super gullible.

Emily Cotterill
Account Manager

Emily started her career with ReBOUND in a customer service role and after showing she has a keen interest in taking returns data to the next level, has since evolved into an Account Manager where she is now in charge of many of our largest accounts.

If you dial the office line, you'll still usually get Emily on the phone but she has a terrible habit of mishearing names, so it's probably for the best that she's a better account manager than CS agent!

If Emily didn't work for ReBOUND, she'd be running the world's worst look-alike agency. If Emily looks at your profile on Linkedin, she's probably already paired you off with some obscure celebrity.

Amy Edwards
Logistics Co-Ordinator

Working for a growing business can be tough all round and Amy knows all too well how challenging it can be. In the early days, Amy was single handily coordinating the movement of all returns shipments within our network, an incredible achievement by anyone’s standards.

Amy has a hidden talent for being able to recognize a car just from looking at the alloys. If she only had a day left to live, she'd combine her love of cars and feisty personality to go on a real-life Grand Theft Auto.

She's one tough-cookie but you just need to ask her about her her adorable staffy puppy Bella to watch her melt.

Lauren Pritchard
Logistics Co-Ordinator

Lauren was working in the transport department for KRL before joining ReBOUND, so her familiarity with the logistics world helped set her off on her new adventure.

Lauren loves camping with her dog Smudge and has her sights set on a life by the seaside.

You can rely on Lauren to bring the banter and James certainly gets a run for his money!

Alex Duxbury
Logistics Co-Ordinator

Alex is one of ReBOUND’s newest recruits. Unable to wait – we hired him 6 weeks before his graduation!

Alex is another outdoorsy type and enjoys fell-walking in the Lake District.

Alex's quirks involve eating crisps for breakfast and clicking his pen lid. The rhythmic tapping can be explained by his love of music, but we can't excuse the crisps...

Sam Taylor
Assistant Accountant

Sam is one of the ReBOUND originals. Her hard-working ethos and down-to-earth nature has helped to establish the wonderful company culture we have today. That said, her love of pineapple on pizza polarizes the office somewhat.

Sam dreams of opening a ReBOUND office in Bora Bora. On a less-grand scale though, she'd settle for reaching the end of a to-do list!

She starts to act a little odd around month-end and does a jellyfish dance in the kitchen when she thinks nobody is looking...

Becki Forster
Assistant Accountant

Becki is an awesome photograher and is always planning her next adventure to travel the world.
At face-value you'd think she is super cool for a qualified accountant but she is exceptionally clumsy and has the cutest cartoon-like sneeze.

She maintains that the best feeling is when all her spreadsheets add up first-time and celebrates life's little wins with a custard cream.

Always seeking a new adventure, Becki has persuaded a bunch of the team to take on the three peaks challenge for charity next year and now needs to take on the role of personal trainer too.