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Graham 1
Graham Best
CEO & Co-Founder
Graham 2
Phil S 1
Phil Smith
COO & Co-Founder
Phil S 2
Sharon 1
Sharon Bagri
Sharon 2
Charlotte 1
Charlotte Monk-Chipman
Marketing Director
Charlotte 2
Mark 1
Mark Craig
Sales Director
Mark 2
Untitled design (8)-2
Sam Sahana
Technical Director
Laura 1
Laura Gee
Content Marketing Manager
Laura 2
Emily 1
Emily Cotterill
Head of Sustainability
Emily 2
Pete Holloway
Campaign Manager
Gary 1
Gary O'Sullivan
Business Development Manager
Gary 2
Samantha Hewlett
Strategic Account Manager
Heather Emery
Head of Client Success
Sion 1
Sion Rigby
Key Account Manager
Sion 2
Chloe 1
Chloe Hayward
Key Account Manager
Chloe 2
Gabby 1
Gabby Sidhu
Implementation Manager
Gabby 2
Lauren 1
Lauren Pritchard
Logistics Co-Ordinator
Lauren 2
Karla 1
Karla Nandan
Logistics Co-Ordinator
Karla Fun
Tony 1
Tony Brown
Hub Management & Development Manager
Tony 2
James MG 1
James McGill
Carrier Manager
James MG 2
Paige 1
Paige Beddoes
Network & Pricing Assistant
Paige 2
Andy 1
Andy Stotesbury
Head of Network Development
Andy Fun
Dora Dukes
Network Development Coordinator
Sam 1
Sam Taylor
Network Pricing Analyst
Sam 2
Becki 1
Becki Forster
Assistant Accountant
Becki 2
Karen 1
Karen Moir
Purchase Ledger
Karen Fun
Hannah 1
Hannah Young
Assistant Accountant
Hannah Fun
Harry Smith
Trainee Accountant
Joe 1-1
Joe Cook
Head of Data and Analytics
Joe Fun
Adam 1
Adam Willoughby
BI Developer
Adam Fun