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Trends You May Have Missed From 'The Great Returns Race' Benchmark

November 2, 2017
As we near the end of 2017, it feels like an excellent time to reflect on the returns trends of the past year. So as you gear up for peak, here are some key findings from our own research which could help your brand gain a competitive edge.'The Great Returns Race' reveals the very best (and worst...) return policies of over 200 top retailers. Your own policy may even be featured, so to find out how you compare be sure to download the latest benchmark. 


  1. As we see more and more mobile purchases, The Great Returns Race revealed that many top retailers have not taken the time to make their returns policy easier to access via mobile. The average time it takes to find the returns policy has actually increased from 3.5 moves to 4 since 2016.

  2. The metric which shows the greatest improvement across retailers from the past year looks at the 'Return Window' or the timescale in which shoppers are able to return items. The average return window in 2017 is 51 days, a massive increase from 2016's 31, and nearly double the legally required 28 day window.

  3. And finally...free returns. A complementory return policy is no longer seen as a freebie, but as an expectation and entitlement. It may surprise you then, that only 62% of the top 200 retailers are offering a customer-centric free return experience. As the eCommerce arena continues to become more and more crowded, offering free returns can absolutely secure your place above your competitors in the eyes of a shopper.

So there you have it, as you look forward into 2018 and make plans to grow and dominate in your industry, spare a thought for your returns. With a few small changes, and the support of ReBOUND, your returns proposition could be the boost your brand needs to take the world by storm!

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