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Welcome To The New ReBOUND Client Zone!

November 10, 2017

WELCOME TO THE CLIENT ZONE.pngWe have been working tirelessly for the past year to add new carrier integrations, create cleaner user interfaces, and generally improve your customers returns experience. There is, however, one area we have dropped the ball massively... Telling you, our clients, about all of these fantastic changes! 

So to remedy this appauling oversight, we've built you an online Client Zone, started a newsletter and hired Fiona as Head of Customer Engagement, so now she'll be getting the blame if ever you feel like you're not in the know! 

As you take a look around, you'll find a few userguides to give you a refresher of how to tweak the consumer view - such as editing your artwork and how to setup reporting y logging into the retailer view. 

So from now on, the Client Zone will be your first port of call for updates about new carriers, platform improvements and general tips and tricks for using ReBOUND. As the name suggests, this Client Zone is exclusively for you! We want to help you get the best out of your ReBOUND platform and hopefully this makes life easier for you. At the very least, we hope it gives you a way to get to now your account managers a bit better! 

You can find out more about your Account managers here, and even book a meeting directly using a snazzy calendar feature!