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"Is rental the win-win solution to retail's returns problem?"

Thurs 23rd Sept 13:00 - 14:00

ReBOUND has teamed up with Zoa; the UK’s first white label fashion rental platform to explore how retailers can make returns more profitable, less wasteful and more circular. With guest speaker, Isabella West, Founder and CEO of Hirestreet and Zoa Rental. 


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By joining the webinar you will learn…

  • Why renting fashion is increasingly trendy

  • What pressures retailers face to become more sustainable

  • How rental fits into the returns flow

  • How rental can provide an innovative solution to tackle retail’s returns problem

  • Why rental can be more profitable than reselling to jobbers

  • How to launch a successful rental solution
Is rental the win-win solution to retail's returns problem?

The Issues Facing The Fashion Retail Industry


If 8.4% of UK fashion retailers turned to rental, we could realise the same carbon saving as planting 1.5 billion trees.


Shoppers bin 300'000 tonnes of textiles each year - that amounts to £12.5 billion worth of clothing wasted.


25% of returns are discarded and wasted by retailers each year - that's 5 billion pounds of goods sent to landfill.


Renting unsold or returned stock delivers 20x revenue compared to salvage schemes



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CEO - Hirestreet & Zoa

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Isabella West is the founder and CEO of fashion rental brand Hirestreet and rental technology platform Zoa. Launched in 2018, Hirestreet has helped consumers save over a million pounds by renting instead of buying - offering a sustainable and affordable alternative to fast fashion consumption. Zoa was launched in 2021 to lower the barriers for retailers looking to offer their own-brand rental service. Already working with leading global brands, Zoa offers white label rental technology, cleaning, fulfilment, and customer service.
Isabella and her businesses have received numerous accolades over the last 3 years including Drapers Sustainable Fashion Recommerce Award 2021, Forbes 30 Under 30, Drapers 30 Under 30, NE Young Business Person of the Year and GBEA’s NE Disruptor of the Year.

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Head of Sustainability - ReBOUND Returns


Emily Cotterill is ReBOUND's resident sustainability expert and self-confessed carbon reporting nerd. Emily is solely responsible for building ReBOUND's sustainability strategy, with the circular economy being key to shaping ReBOUND's sustainability policy.

As Head of Sustainability, Emily is driving change at ReBOUND. This includes streamlining returns routing to reduce carbon emissions. Emily is the brains behind industry-first solutions designed to improve product circularity and divert waste from landfill, including a packaging recycling scheme tried and tested by the likes of Charlotte Tilbury. Emily is the spokesperson for all things green at ReBOUND and her knowledge has appeared in publications such as Fashion United, TheIndustry.Fashion and IMRG.

It is estimated that the retail sector as a whole discards 25% of retail returns each year accounting for more than 5 billion pounds of goods being sent to landfill! This rise in “throwaway fashion” is equally eye-watering on the shopper front with an estimated 300,000 tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill amounting to £12.5 billion worth of clothing being wasted.
In this webinar, we will explore how retailers can turn the returns problem into an opportunity by tapping into an exciting new sector – the rental market.

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