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Returns need to hit the boardroom in 2018

18 Apr 2018

Three years ago, Tom Enright, a senior analyst at Gartner, described returns as the new battleground for retail. He predicted an increasing surge in the number of returns made from online retail purchases, calling on brands to address this issue and catch the secret expenditures hidden in their processes.

Regrettable Returns: 5 Fashion Faux-Pas eCommerce Directors Should Avoid.

11 Apr 2018

Every good fashionista knows that there are a few fashion faux-pas to avoid if you want to look your best. In the retail business, returns are a big deal and you want your returns policy to reflect your business just like your clothes reflect your personality.

Fraudulent Returns: Fake News!

27 Mar 2018

According to the American Marketing Association, “Lenient return policies can lead to an increase in purchasing”.

Which makes perfect sense.  Think about it... Brands which advertise a lifetime guarantee or ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy show customers that they A. Have confidence in their products.  And B. that they prioritise customer satisfaction over the bottom line (or at least appear to).

Online Apparel Returns: The Ultimate Solution - The Highlights

5 Mar 2018

Each week we see a new article hit the press with doom and gloom figures about the cost of returns. The latest reports suggest that Returns are now costing the UK eCommerce industry £20b per year -  and this is on the rise. It’s clear that the industry is at a tipping point, if retailers want to remain competitive whilst continuously looking to improve supply chain efficiencies, returns need to take centre stage.  With...

Keep Your Customers Faithful 

14 Feb 2018

Lately, we've been thinking about how online shopping can be a lot like online dating. Customers looking for fashion want to fall in love with your clothing. They peruse your website looking for the ‘one’. A pair of shoes, the perfect jeans, or perhaps a coat to keep them warm on cold winter evenings.

Join us for a webinar on THE ULTIMATE return solution

6 Feb 2018

We're thrilled to be teaming up with our friends at Rakuten Fitsme to host a webinar on Wednesday 28th February at 4pm to discuss how to dramatically reduce your returns and streamline your returns process.

The Delivery Conference 2018: Live Blog Highlights

30 Jan 2018

Excited to be here once again at the MetaPack Delivery Conference 2018, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

We're hanging out with our friends from Boxberry on stand 29 if you want to talk about your international returns strategy, do drop by and say hello!  

In typical TDC style, it's a packed agenda and we're looking forward to getting the latest industry lowdown and trends. We're going to be live blogging today, yes live...

New year, new hire! Raj joins us from Surfdome as Operations Director

It's safe to say we've hit the ground running into 2018! Going into the new year we welcome Raj Dhanhoa into the team as our new Operations Director.

Raj brings 14 years Supply Chain experience with a decade spend improving the performance of online retail operations. He knows all too well how important it is in 2018 to get returns management right, having been through the challenges of consumer demands for a better,...

Cyber Weekend: The Returns Chapter

28 Nov 2017

What Black Friday returns insight can we reveal?

The latest figures suggest that a whopping 21.5m of us have headed online this weekend to snag a bargain, with sales of £7.8b - £10b (depending which forecast you read) expected over the four day sales bonanza. Whilst some retailers such as Dixons Carphone deem it crucial to secure market share, and ensure consumers get great deals, others such as fashion retailer Fat Face...

There’s no time like the present: Last minute tips for Peak

3 Nov 2017

I love Christmas! Now before you start to think, Oh God, here’s another one of those strange breed of people who buy all of their presents in June and gloats smugly on Facebook….. I’m not that bad! For me the festive period begins in earnest on Bonfire Night, the smell of chestnuts, mulled wine and fireworks are the catalyst for me getting excited about Christmas.

For four years, I spent countless hours writing advice and...