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New year, new hire! Raj joins us from Surfdome as Operations Director

It's safe to say we've hit the ground running into 2018! Going into the new year we welcome Raj Dhanhoa into the team as our new Operations Director.

Raj brings 14 years Supply Chain experience with a decade spend improving the performance of online retail operations. He knows all too well how important it is in 2018 to get returns management right, having been through the challenges of consumer demands for a better,...

Celebration Time...

Great news! ReBOUND has been shortlisted in the Hermes Retail Week Supply Chain Awards for our returns partnership with one of the biggest fashion brands in the world…

We’re thrilled to announce that the Hermes Retail Week Supply Chain Award judges selected us as a finalist in the Returns Initiative category, for our unique approach to integrating free tracked returns to millions of customers globally thr

Revising Returns: Seasonal Challenges Unwrapped

I sat down with ReBOUND’s Business Development Director Belle Shergill to pick her brains for insight on how to manage the busy periods. With a strong ops background, Belle has a wealth of experience managing logistics services as a supplier for online retailers and continues to work closely with leading brands.

What seasonal peaks will retailers be worried about?

Before chatting with Belle, I used to th