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How KITRI used ReBOUND to launch a worldwide brand

19 Jul 2018

Sophisticated fashion startup KITRI launched their online brand just over a year ago and is already soaring.

With a killer product range and some major strategical decisions early on, KITRI successfully launched their brand in over 20 countries and have recently launched into the US market.

When we first met KITRI, they told us they were creating a brand which is all about "elevated products and services to delight their...

Regrettable Returns: 5 Fashion Faux-Pas eCommerce Directors Should Avoid.

11 Apr 2018

Every good fashionista knows that there are a few fashion faux-pas to avoid if you want to look your best. In the retail business, returns are a big deal and you want your returns policy to reflect your business just like your clothes reflect your personality.

Fraudulent Returns: Fake News!

27 Mar 2018

According to the American Marketing Association, “Lenient return policies can lead to an increase in purchasing”.

Which makes perfect sense.  Think about it... Brands which advertise a lifetime guarantee or ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy show customers that they A. Have confidence in their products.  And B. that they prioritise customer satisfaction over the bottom line (or at least appear to).

‘The Great Returns Race’: The Winner’s Edition

2 Oct 2017

The world is starting to pay attention to online returns. And it’s about time!

Recent research shows that retailers who have been sleeping on their returns policy are in desperate need of a wake up call. One U.S. survey found that 72% of consumers will not purchase again from a retailer if they had a negative returns experience*

Further to that, two thirds of shoppers now check the returns policy before