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ReBOUND's Peak Press Coverage

11 Dec 2019

It's that time of year where shoppers are focused on spending, and retailers are focused on getting orders out the door. While retailers and shoppers alike are going mad for the festive discounting madness, we've been taking a look at the festive season through a returns lens. Take a look at some of the titles that have published our peak data predictions below... 

The Real Cost Of Your Cocktail Dress: The Party Season Through A Returns Lens

28 Nov 2019

Tinsel is being strung up all over the nation, the John Lewis advert is everywhere, and The Pogues are on Radio 1. It can only mean one thing - it’s Christmaaaaas! For those of us in the retail industry, there’s no escaping the stresses that peak brings during 9-to-5. Yet, when we leave the office, we’re all buzzing for the Christmas party and are on the hunt for the perfect party outfit. This leads us to navigate the...

Multi-Award Winning Returns Scale Up Strikes Again

21 Nov 2019

If you follow ReBOUND on LinkedIn (if not, come join us!) then you may already be up to speed with the latest and greatest in the ReBOUND world, including the incredible accolades we’ve been awarded over the last few months.  

But in case you missed the news, or just can’t get enough of ReBOUND, we’ve given a summary of our most recent awards below (a little humble brag never hurt anyone, right?). 

We Were Live Blogging From The Returns Revolution 2019!

9 Oct 2019

Please Note: This blog is being written live, please excuse my typos!

It’s been just over a year since the very first Returns Revolution Conference, and now we’re back! Whilst some things have stayed the same (the stunning views of The Skyloft were just too good to refuse), this year promises to encourage retailers to continue the discussion around returns, bringing focus to a topic that never seems to get a slot on the...

Playing For The Keep: Why Marketers Need To Embrace The Returns Opportunity

22 Aug 2019

It’s no secret that high conversion rates and basket values are the lifeblood of online retail. So, we can understand marketing’s fixation with getting products out of the door. Yet with so much focus being placed on shifting stock, a key part of the customer journey is often ignored - returns. Whilst 61% of retailers believe returns are a problem for the logistics team to solve, there’s a huge opportunity for eCommerce...

The Returns Revolution is back with a bang!

24 Jul 2019

This time last year we announced the launch of The Returns Revolution; ReBOUND’s first ever returns conference. At the time we had no idea how it would go, we just worked hard and hoped for the best! Without blowing our own trumpet too much, our first conference was a resounding success (Check out last year's highlights video here). So we’re bringing back The Returns Revolution on 9th October 2019 for its second year at...

ReBOUND Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Caroline Green, is awarded an MBE!

24 Jul 2019

Caroline Green has been awarded an MBE for her services to the Economy and Charity.

How To: Start Building A Business Case For Returns

5 Jun 2019

Returns have been a heavy feature in the UK press in recent months. Despite this, many retailers are still turning a blind eye to the enormous amounts of untapped potential returns possess. For many retailers, returns are treated like the junk drawer (every household has one) they keep telling themselves they’ll organise it one day, but it is always pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. If you’re guilty of ignoring the...

Rising Returns: They're not always something to fear

29 Apr 2019

In March 2018 eCommerce tech provider Brightpearl released a new report warning that the latest ‘try before you buy’ trend could spell disaster for retailers profit margins, as they faced a surge of inbound returned items. If you’re not familiar with the trend (where have you been?!) ‘try before you buy’ schemes such as Amazon Prime Wardrobe and specialist payment methods like Klarna allows shoppers to order multiple items...

Returns Prevention: Unnecessary AI, Big Labels And Fit Analytics

11 Mar 2019

With fashion return rates upwards of 20-30% and an estimated cost of £60 billion, it’s not surprising many retailers are now in the game of trying to reduce their returns. Whilst we’re firm believers that returns can be an opportunity for retailers to sell more globally by offering a strong returns proposition, we can’t deny that the existing state of the fashion industry is unsustainable. As such, we’ve scoured the...