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Free returns become the norm for more retailers

October 12, 2015

So you've been searching for the perfect outfit and finally you find it on an etailers website. You enter your details, make payment and await its delivery. However, when it arrives, the sleeves are too short and the material is pinching into your waist. You check the returns policy where you are reminded that the return cost is on you - Yikes!


Its becoming more and more apparent that consumers will be put-off if the retailer does not offer cheap or even free returns. Trueship reports how Free returns are an everyday expectation of customers in the UK and 73% of shoppers will take their shopping elsewhere if the retailer fails to adhere to this desire.

It may be no surprise then that Free returns are becoming an increasing reality for retailers to remain competitive with their peers. The Wall Street Journal reports how "About 49% of retailers now offer free return shipping, underscoring how companies that had long been resistant to footing the bill for returns are being forced to do so by their customers."

Delighting consumers but raising costs for retailers
This extra strain will no doubt put more pressure on retailers as they gear up for the festive season, as returns begin to eat into their profits. But they can't just simply ignore returns, as they have done in the past, because it is now evident that if customers find returning a hassle, they simply won't shop with that retailer again in the future.