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Introducing The Amazon In-Country Returns Solution

March 11, 2015

Amazon has recently announced a change to their returns policy that requires retailers to offer customers an easier, cheaper returns experience.

Will the change affect me?

The policy change will only affect you if you don’t use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If you fulfil your orders through your own warehouse, or through an alternative logistics provider, you will now be required to offer your customers an in-country address to return items to, or alternatively offer Free Returns. This means you would need to cover the cost of the entire return journey back to the country of origin. Sounds costly…but it doesn’t have to be. With ReBOUND, we can provide you with an in-country return address immediately.

Most retailers we speak to have encountered the problem of selling to the USA through amazon.com but if you sell through any of the 10 amazon marketplace websites then the change affects you, i.e. if you are selling through amazon.jp, then you will need to offer your customers a return address in Japan.

ReBOUND can provide you with a local returns address in the country of origin if you are selling through any of Amazon’s marketplaces in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China and India.


Image Credit: Amazon Services http://services.amazon.com/global-selling/international-marketplaces.htm?ld=NSGoogleAS

When does the change take effect?

If you do not comply with the policy change by 12th March, (which is tomorrow) then your license may be revoked. We've spoken to retailers, many of whom had ceased trading through Amazon international marketplaces as a result of this policy change. In talking to us we have quickly been able to get this channel back up and running for them by ensuring they offer their customers an in-country address.

What are your options?

This rule means that retailers must either “(i) provide customers with a local return address within the country of their Amazon marketplace website or (ii) offer them free shipment for returns.”

Amazon suggest:
- “Charging restocking fees and offering partial refunds: In certain situations, it might be appropriate to charge the customer a restocking fee or offer a partial refund on the product being returned.” - “Build return costs into your price: Think about the number of returns you expect consistently in the long run and factor that into your price. For example, if you expect that 2% of your orders will be returned, price your products to cover the expected cost of international return shipments for this 2% return rate.”

We Suggest:
We can quickly get you set up with an in-country returns solution to ensure you comply with the policy change which takes effect on 12th March. Very simply, you list our in-country address for your consumers to return items to, we’ll consolidate the returned packages and send them back to you in the UK. We have a network of returns locations all over the world and are already supporting retailers to manage their Amazon returns at short notice.

Our pricing is very simple for this self-post solution - we give you a single low-cost price per package and this covers the consolidation and linehaul back to you.

Do you need a quick Amazon International returns solution? Get in touch.