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How KITRI used ReBOUND to launch a worldwide brand

July 19, 2018

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Sophisticated fashion startup KITRI launched their online brand just over a year ago and is already soaring.

With a killer product range and some major strategical decisions early on, KITRI successfully launched their brand in over 20 countries and have recently launched into the US market.

When we first met KITRI, they told us they were creating a brand which is all about "elevated products and services to delight their customers", so we knew they were onto a good thing.

We caught up with Mike Barnett, Operations Manager at KITRI to find out more about how returns have factored into their growth over the past year.

Here's a transcript of the interview with Fiona McIntosh, our Head of Customer Engagement.

Fiona: Why are returns so important to KITRI?  

Mike: "When starting this company, offering a frictionless customer experience was really at the core of our model.  As we sell online only, we really want to enable an experience that is as convenient, if not more, than high street shopping. For us, that meant offering Free Returns and Delivery to our customers. Starting in the UK, we were able to build a network that enabled that, but when we started looking at Europe as a whole, it got much trickier. We wanted to mirror the incredible experience UK customers are so used to, which is where ReBOUND came in."

F: Can you tell us a bit about your experience so far, how did you find implementing ReBOUND?

M: "It’s been really easy for us. We were able to integrate with local postal services all over Europe without having to build that network ourselves. It was really important that we would be able to launch across mainland Europe right away with a trusted, localised, free returns service, and ReBOUND made that possible."

"It’s been great. It has reduced the perceived risk for our new customers and offering local return methods through ReBOUND has created a sense of trust between our shoppers and our brand."

F: I know you recently launched in the USA at the beginning of June, how has that been going?

M: "It’s been really good. We’ve been really active in the press and on social media, so it’s all about just maintaining that buzz now.  As it’s a new market for us, we really want to make sure we capture those new customers with a fantastic service. We’ve noticed that the US market is bit less developed when it comes to international ecommerce, so offering a trusted return solution has become really key part of our US strategy."

F: How has using ReBOUND affected your operations?

M: "Having a platform like ReBOUND means we don’t have to worry about returns. We don’t have to chase postal services all over the world if a parcel gets lost. Our entire reverse supply chain is all in one place, and you guys handle any problems that may pop up. We always know where our product is and we know when it is going to get to us. It just feels a lot more organised, and it allows us to operate with a really lean team, even as we continue to expand internationally. " 

M: "And it’s great for our customers. From a shopper point of view, it’s a trusted service. We very rarely receive any customer service contacts about returns. I think that has a lot to do with the tracking that you offer, and the fact that everything is in local language.  It definitely makes things simpler."

F: That’s really great to hear, so with everything going so well, I have to ask, what does the future hold for KITRI?

M: "We are really excited about our future. I think a big focus for us is going to be looking at how we can leverage the data we get from our returns platform to offer an even smoother customer experience going forward. We’ve seen some incredible growth over the past 14 months, and we can’t wait to see where that takes us."

Congratulations on an incredible first year to our friends at KITRI.

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