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ReBOUND launch the UK's first ever retail returns conference

12 Jul 2018

It's no secret that we LOVE returns. This why we’re so excited to announce that we’re launching our very own conference where returns are front and centre.

Introducing The Returns Revolution!

The Returns Revolution is the UK’s first ever conference that is 100% dedicated to retail returns. This unique and exclusive event is designed to disrupt the eCommerce industry’s approach to retail returns. It's time to put returns...

Thinking Outside the Box: Why it’s time to ditch the pre-printed return label

4 Jul 2018

Over the past few years, pre-printed return labels and in-parcel return forms have grown in popularity amongst UK retailers. On the surface, it’s a quick, convenient way to offer consumers easy returns; but if you peel back the layers, is this method really in the best interests of retailers or consumers?

Big Name in Business: Clear Returns Founder, Vicky Brock joins ReBOUND!

21 Jun 2018

Here at ReBOUND we believe we have the best team there is, and we love it when we get to welcome someone new. As such, we’re delighted to welcome our most recent recruit, Vicky Brock, to the senior leadership team. As the founder of the retail data technology company, Clear Returns, as well as many other businesses, Vicky’s name may be familiar to many of you. As a serial entrepreneur and with a wealth of industry...

ReBOUND CEO Graham Best Named Finalist in the EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2018


We are pleased to announce that our CEO Graham Best has been shortlisted for the EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year (2018) Midlands awards in their "Disruptor" category. Graham co-founded ReBOUND and since its inception in 2014 has overseen the growth of the company as CEO.

How to improve customer experience with better returns messaging

For modern retailers, getting returns right can be a major challenge. From L.L. Bean’s policy change drama earlier this year to the ongoing debate about shopper preferences and the rise of ‘try before you buy’, there’s a lot of uncertainty over what to offer and how to make the experience as painless as possible.

And it seems, no matter how much retailers try to keep pace with consumer demand, it might not be enough.

3 Strategies in the Fight to Reduce Fit Related Returns

9 May 2018

In the age of Amazon and Asos, we’ve come to expect free delivery and returns as the norm. The recent ‘try before you buy’ pilots are evidence of this new consumer mindset focused on providing the ultimate convenience. This latest initiative has divided the industry into two camps. Those who see this as adding unsustainable pressure on an already returns-heavy supply chain and those who see this as a natural extension of a...

ReThinking Returns: What did we learn?

1 May 2018

Earlier this year we grew tired of seeing returns relegated to tiny chapters, in a forgotten corner of retail surveys. We decided it was time for returns to take the spotlight.

In our brand new study we bring together data and responses from consumer surveys, mystery shopping feedback and the ultimate returns benchmark to understand exactly what consumers think about the returns landscape, and the results are in! .........

“I just love parcels”… Introducing Phil Hanna, our newest recruit!

24 Apr 2018

We’re excited to be welcoming Phil Hanna to join the ReBOUND team, in this latest blog we’ll introduce you to the man himself, and hopefully many more amazing quotes about his love for parcels!

Returns need to hit the boardroom in 2018

18 Apr 2018

Three years ago, Tom Enright, a senior analyst at Gartner, described returns as the new battleground for retail. He predicted an increasing surge in the number of returns made from online retail purchases, calling on brands to address this issue and catch the secret expenditures hidden in their processes.

Regrettable Returns: 5 Fashion Faux-Pas eCommerce Directors Should Avoid.

11 Apr 2018

Every good fashionista knows that there are a few fashion faux-pas to avoid if you want to look your best. In the retail business, returns are a big deal and you want your returns policy to reflect your business just like your clothes reflect your personality.