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ReBOUND CEO disrupting the eCommerce industry.

August 7, 2018

Graham Best has been named one of 4 winners in the UK to be awarded the 'Disruptor' title at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards and now goes on to the finals in November.

The Disruptor category looks to recognise entrepreneurs who have challenged the status quo. Those nominated had all taken significant steps in their industry to revolutionize the way things are done. I spoke to Graham to find out how he feels about his big win, and what this means moving forward.


Q&A between Laura and Graham:

Laura: Congratulations Graham, how does it feel winning such a prestigious award?

Graham: "It feels great. It’s amazing to receive validation from a very well respected source that we are on the right track." 

L: In your own words, what makes you a Disruptor in the industry?

G: "I believe that it’s down to the fact that we offer a virtually unlimited choice to retailers and consumers, allowing them to transact anywhere in the world as they see fit. We share retailers concern for customer experience, so I think that allows us to deliver something different."

L: What do you think this says about returns and the work we’re doing?

G: "There's no denying that returns is one of the hottest topics in the eCommerce industry worldwide, and retailers are struggling to get a handle on them. I think that’s why we seem to be at the forefront of retailers minds right now."  

L: So, you’re one of four finalist going on to compete for the title of EY Entrepreneur of the year overall winner (I think I got that right, it's a bit of a mouthful!) What do you think will give you an edge?

G: "The judges are looking for a company that can genuinely become a global leader. We are already proving that by developing a customer base across the world both direct to retailers and through a fantastic partner network."

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L: So now you're a finalist in the nationals, what’s next on your pathway to glory?

G: "For this particular award, we are the one of the final 4 companies in the UK, and we find out in November if we have won overall. Moving forward though, I see us being in contention for several other awards this year both in the UK and elsewhere as our reputation and customer base continues to develop."

L: If you had to attribute this success to 3 key moments in the history of ReBOUND, what do you think they would be?

G: "There are many things that I think have lead us to this stage, but I think setting out to become a thought-leader, not just an IT solution, was a positive step in the right direction from the beginning. It was also great to involve key customers such as ASOS in the development of the global platform which allowed us to deliver something that met market needs perfectly. I’m also personally a firm believer in investing in millennials and developing our own unique culture. It’s great having a team behind you that love their job and that you can trust to always strive for more and push the company forward."

L: So where you would like the business to go from here?

G: "I believe we have only just started. Over the next few years we will be empowering companies to sell to millions more customers across the world, especially in the emerging markets. We also have a corporate responsibility to help retailers optimise their returns to reduce waste and the impact on our planet, and this is a responsibility that we do not take lightly."


It wouldn't be a ReBOUND blog without a pun, so let the 'Best' man (or woman) win!