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Regrettable Returns: 5 Fashion Faux-Pas eCommerce Directors Should Avoid.

April 11, 2018

Every good fashionista knows that there are a few fashion faux-pas to avoid if you want to look your best. In the retail business, returns are a big deal and you want your returns policy to reflect your business just like your clothes reflect your personality.

Make sure you’re putting your best return policy forward to smarten up in time for the Spring/Summer season by avoiding these top 5 returns faux-pas.

  1. Listen up lads…Blue Suit, Black Shoes.

This one is sneaky, and you might think it’s perfectly acceptable. Like wearing a navy suit with black shoes, thinking that repeat returners are a problem is not the most obvious of mistakes, but those in the know will be sniggering at your ignorance.

Returns cost you money, and you only really want customers who keep their purchases, right? And black goes with everything?

Not exactly. We love black, it’s versatile and goes with almost anything. Except brown. Or navy blue. Customers who don’t return items are also awesome. Except when they’re not loyal, or don’t become repeat purchasers.

Repeat returners are also repeat customers. They like shopping with you, and if your returns policy makes it simple for them then they will keep shopping with you. Most of them are profitable customers, despite making use of your returns policy and you alienate them at the risk of your overall profits.

Faux-Pas Fixer #1:

Repeat returners aren’t really a problem. In fact, they’re often your most loyal and valuable customers when you interrogate the data. Returns have been a blind spot for so long, but ReBOUND offer unprecedented visibility of the whole return lifecycle to retailers so that you get the full picture.

  1. One for the ladies…VPL.

Does your returns service have unflattering lumps and bumps? Like a curve-hugging dress your returns should be enticingly smooth, not off-puttingly lumpy. Shapewear works wonders for keeping your silhouette smooth, but what about your returns?

Alright, it’s a tenuous metaphor, but why should logistics be boring!

Customers want a convenient, streamlined service that is easy to use and gives them peace of mind. Luckily, we provide an end-to end managed returns service that gives both the retailer and the customer a smooth experience.

Customers love our parcel tracking email alerts and UK-based Customer Service team to assist them returning with ReBOUND, and retailers love that we take care of everything: first mile, inspection, consolidation, and delivery back to the retail warehouse.

Faux-Pas Fixer #2:

Customers want a smooth service that’s easy to use, and parcel tracking for peace of mind. ReBOUND provides an end-to-end managed service that gives both customers and retailers peace of mind.

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  1. One size fits all?

One size clothing certainly does not fit all, and the results are likely to be too tight, too baggy, or a strange combination of both that nobody wants!

Your clothes should fit your body. Your customers want choices that suit their lives. Not everybody lives near a Post Office, and not everybody wants collection from their home. Offering drop-off points or accepting returns in your retail stores means that your business model fits into your customers busy lives. They’ll appreciate the flexibility and you’ll appreciate their loyalty.

Forcing your international customers into your UK returns policy is also a sure-fire way to get them looking for that perfect fit elsewhere. Tailor your returns advice by country, rather than a blanket message for all shoppers.

Over half of the top UK fashion brands now have a separate return policy in at least one other market beyond the UK. A clear way to display this is with a flag and drop-down menu (with the default country based on their location).

Faux-Pas Fixer #3:

Give your customers convenient, local, return methods and policies in their local language. Choice is King when it comes to customer loyalty. ReBOUND allows you to give your customers all over the world choice, convenience and a great customer experience.

  1. Double Denim

Double handling returns will drain your bottom line, just like the dreaded double denim will obliterate your street cred. This an occasion where the old adage ‘less is more’ definitely applies.

Too many touchpoints can leave you with piles of backed-up returned stock that could be resold, but it’s just not ready and repackaged to resell yet. How much ‘dead stock’ are you sat on at any one point when your customers are trying to buy it?

Streamlining your returns helps you keep your inventory up to date and moving, not stagnant in the warehouse returns section. ReBOUND offers global integration through one IT system, so there are no clunky processes to manage multiple solutions and carrier integrations.

Faux-Pas Fixer #4:

Review your returns process and eliminate any clunky processes or unnecessary touchpoints.  ReBOUND’s global integration offers a convenient service through one IT system for multiple solutions and carrier integrations.

  1. Socks and Sandals

This one should go without saying, but then that’s the problem – you’re not saying!

Wearing sandals with socks looks pretty uncool, and it makes us wonder just what is so bad about your feet that you’re hiding them. We bet it’s nothing a good pedicure won’t sort out.

If you’re hiding your returns policy, people are going to imagine the worst. Polish it to perfection and then show it off to the world. Don’t forget to include local return methods in their local language for your international customers!

You can go one step further by putting your returns message at key touchpoints like the basket and the checkout, not just in your policy pages. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you’re not just a follower of fashion – you’re a bonafide trendsetter!

Faux-Pas Fixer #5:

Celebrate your returns policy and communicate it clearly and regularly to your customers. Repeating the message at key touchpoints like the basket and check out can increase customer confidence and reduce abandoned baskets.

 Need a hand?

Celebrities employ stylists for a reason- one fashion faux-pas can see them as the butt of a tabloid’s jokes for weeks. A good stylist will make sure you’re getting the basics right and putting your best foot forward at all times.

Some key tips to take away to get the basics right are:

  • Choice is King – give the customer as much choice as you can in how they return items to you. One size does not fit all.
  • Communication is Key – put your policy on your website, and localize your returns messages.
  • Keep it Streamlined – Keep stock flowing, not stagnant, with a streamlined policy. Our end-to-end managed service effortlessly handles everything for you.

 At ReBOUND we don’t do pedicures, and we don’t even mind if you happen to love double denim. We just help you create a returns policy that will be the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business make the most of returns.

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