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ReBOUND launch the UK's first ever retail returns conference

July 12, 2018


It's no secret that we LOVE returns. This why we’re so excited to announce that we’re launching our very own conference where returns are front and centre.

Introducing The Returns Revolution!

The Returns Revolution is the UK’s first ever conference that is 100% dedicated to retail returns. This unique and exclusive event is designed to disrupt the eCommerce industry’s approach to retail returns. It's time to put returns in the spotlight by bringing together some of the top minds in the UK Retail Industry. 

At ReBOUND, everyday is dedicated to returns but for many retailers they are still seen as a bit of a minefield. This event is the perfect opportunity for retail guests to talk to industry experts and like-minded professionals about one of the hottest topics in the eCommerce industry right now!  

“With retailers deciding to make global returns a top priority, the lack of substantial returns content within industry events to this point has been surprising and frustrating. Retailers are ready to talk about returns, so we've decided to take the initiative and give them the right platform to do it.

 The timing of 'The Returns Revolution' is perfect for both the industry and us. With over 500 brands now using the ReBOUND platform, we’re ready to step forward and be at the forefront of the revolution. For the first time retailers and industry experts have the chance to come together for a day totally dedicated to returns. This is a must attend event for any retailer who wants to revolutionise their business, and I can’t wait to see it come together.”  - Graham Best, ReBOUND CEO. 

The day will take shape with keynote speeches from industry leaders, roundtable discussions that are moderated by experts and insightful panel sessions with experts who love returns as much as we do!

Event Highlights: 

  • A funky venue that provides great vibes and wrap-around views of London. 
  • Top tips for International growth from leading brands. 
  • Retailers debating whether they should crack down on fraudulent returns
  • Interactive roundtables where invitees run the discussion. 

We’re looking forward to diving deeper into the issues of returns with our 100 invitees and answering the question on everyone's lips; “What should we do about returns?!”. Whether it's looking at tactics to reduce returns, understanding the nuisance that is fraudulent returns or learning about how to successfully implement an international returns strategy, no stone will be left unturned. 

Don't forget to download the full agenda for The Returns Revolution conference and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for more updates!