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Welcome to ‘The Great Returns Race’… The world’s first benchmark on international return policies

March 8, 2016

ReBOUND are thrilled to announce the grand unveiling of ‘The Great Returns Race’, the first ever fashion benchmark which focuses purely on international returns. This study has measured the UK’s top clothing brands by putting their international return policies under the microscope. The study has taken the latest InternetRetailing Top 500 database (2016) as a springboard for monitoring the very best brands of today. We’ve honed in on 144 brands from the IRUK Top500 as this group fits the criteria of selling apparel products to international markets from retailers of UK origin. These brands have then been ranked according to seven key factors which contribute to a more positive cross-border returns experience. For example, this includes the choice of return method available, whether the process is tailored to the local market and generosity of time period given to return.

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‘The Great Returns Race’ has been endorsed by the UK's industry association for e-retail; IMRG with a foreword from Head of E-Logistics, Andrew Starkey who comments “there’s more to a return policy than meets the eye… this research provides a significant step towards understanding how to improve returns and is certainly not just data for data’s sake.” The full benchmark not only highlights the steps that the eCommerce community can take to remove the returns barrier; which has been identified as the single biggest barrier to cross-border trade in the IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2015, but it also neatly highlights which brands are winning and which are lagging behind.

    The report aims to answer the following questions:
  • Why is it important to benchmark brands on their return offering and how have we made this a fair study?
  • Why it is important to reinforce the returns policy at key stages of the customer journey, and who is leading in this space?
  • What do the leading brands have in common?
  • Who has missing information on their site about returns, and who has a policy which is difficult to find?

There are a few eye-openers in the report such as how 11% of the brands studied do not actually advise their international customers of a clear refund time anywhere on their site. We’ll be monitoring the latest return trends each quarter to see which brands are upping their game, so this is only the first look at who is paving the way for ‘best-practice’ returns and the leading pack may soon be overtaken.

The report is intended for retail eyes only, so if you’re a retailer who wants to know whether your return offering is on track, there’s nothing stopping you from downloading a copy of the benchmark now; http://www.reboundreturns.com/#!benchmark/f9mwj.

The great Return Race

If you’re a fashion retailer but have not been benchmarked in this report and would like to know how you fare in comparison, then email the research team research@reboundreturns.com and we will see what we can do to provide this insight.

The top brands are revving to go, we’ll see you at the finish line!