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The Great Returns Race: The Second Quarter

September 22, 2016
Q2 Benchmark

The results are in! We can now reveal who is leading the pack in the second edition of ‘The Great Returns Race’ benchmark and the brands which are falling behind.

To find out how the top 141* UK fashion brands have fared this quarter, you can download a copy now, or recap the Q1 report to see where it all began.

Take a look back over quarter 2 as we highlight which fashion brands have leap-frogged their rivals by implementing positive changes to their policies. This second report also gives key insight into what has already changed since the first business quarter as we begin to draw comparisons and identify return trends.

Q2 Benchmark
    As well as revealing who’s on top form with their international returns offering, the report also aims to equip you with the knowledge of:
  • Common pitfalls in return policies.
  • Examples of best-practice returns policies.
  • How having a mobile-optimised site is key to a user-friendly return journey.
  • What the most popular return methods are overseas.
  • Which international markets beyond the UK have the biggest focus?

*This ReBOUND report measures some of the UKs top brands according to the IRUK top 500 database. ‘The Great Returns Race’, looks at the brands within this league which are of UK origin selling cross-border, so If you are not included in this study but would like to find out where you would sit in the rankings, we are more than happy to benchmark you against these retailers. Email research@reboundreturns.com to join the race.

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