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The world's first truly global, multi-carrier, fully tracked, all singing, all dancing returns platform lands in the UK!

August 15, 2017

Wouldn't it be great if you had a single viewpoint for every single customer return, wherever they are in the world?

Wouldn't it be great if you could reduce returns & refunds queries into your help centre?

Wouldn't it be great if that returns experience was already tried, tested and loved by shoppers all over the world?

Introducing ReBOUND in the UK... Return

Unrivalled global returns expertise

Originally launched solely as a cross-border returns solution, ReBOUND is well-known for managing international returns. For the past 4 years, we've been revolutionising the returns experience for shoppers from all over the world by working with hundreds of fashion brands. We're now thrilled to announce that we're bringing it home.

"ReBOUND is built around the idea of choice and convenience...It isn’t convenient to ask shoppers to commit to a single return option and push them down that route." Graham Best, ReBOUND CEO

This latest launch in the UK market gives online retailers a truly global multi-carrier returns solution, on home turf as well as cross-border.

"Our platform allows the customer to view local and convenient return options side by side and it gives them the chance to discover new return options which may be right around the corner."

We've already integrated with many of the UK's leading delivery options, together offering the largest UK returns network through a choice of Parcel Shop drop-off points, Courier Collections, Parcel Lockers and Tracked Post.

So to all our clients who've been asking over the years "what about UK?" - this one's for you!

By bringing UK domestic returns into the fold, you now get total visibility of every return transaction worldwide, giving your customer service teams a powerful tool to monitor returns activity.

Drop us a note to find out more about what ReBOUND can do for your UK and International returns