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Which retailers won 'The Great Returns Race' 2017? The final benchmark as you know it...

September 12, 2017

As the Returns Revolution continues to grow, the second edition of the 2017 ‘Great Returns Race’ has been released.

Which retailers won 'The Great Returns Race' 2017? The final benchmark as you know it...

Join us as we step into the shoes of shoppers from all over the world and look at the top UK fashion brands. We continue to measure the return policy through all the many touchpoints with a customer, from the moment they land on a brand’s website, right up until they receive the item and make the decision on whether to keep it or not. A return policy is integral to this journey and not just as an afterthought if something doesn’t fit. We’ve looked at 7 key steps along the way to better understand which brands are paving the way.

From generous free returns, to unlimited timeframes, we have seen some incredible offerings in the world of returns throughout the entire series of The Great Returns Race and this latest benchmark is no exception. The most noticeable trend to emerge from this study is the reduction of free returns that are being offered to the UK, Ireland, Germany, and USA. For example, since the previous study at the beginning of 2017, 12% of brands have stopped offering free returns to Ireland and 10% have stopped offering free returns to the UK.

This latest study is the last of its kind as The Great Returns Race is changing track slightly. But never fear, the race will live on! Instead, we are focusing the report into tighter product sectors next year rather than the same pool of brands from a mix of fashion, footwear, children’s wear etc.

So…get ready to find out which brands have won The Great Returns Race 2017