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Return Carriers & Integrations

We offer both managed returns services and SaaS solutions. With over 270 carrier services globally, all of our return services are available via a simple integration through API, FTP or common ecommerce plugins such as Shopify or Magento.

Global Coverage



Return Methods


Home Collection

We have a range of day definite and time definite home collection options allowing your shoppers to return without needing to leave their home.


Parcel Shops

With a host of convenient locations such as corner shops, fuel stations and supermarkets, our parcel shops drop-off points are handy return options.


Parcel Lockers

Shoppers can fit returning into their busy schedules with parcel lockers allowing for contactless returns in remote locations with access 24/7. 


Tracked Post

The national postal services are always popular choices, and our local return options are always tracked, saving up to 50% on return shipping.


Paperless Returns

Our paperless return services mean your shoppers don't even need a printer anymore! Shoppers will receive a mobile QR or bar code instead.


Return To Store

Encouraging footfall whilst maintaining seamless returns. Cashiers can register returns in-store on your shoppers behalf by using the ReBOUND portal.

Some of our carriers

You can access our library of over 220 carrier services via a single integration. This provides you with 1 single point of contact for your entire reverse supply chain, and removes the hassle of dealing with logistical complexities such as customs clearance, freight delays and dynamic routing. To make life even easier we’ve harmonized returns tracking by mapping all tracking events against our own 5 key tracking statuses, for clear returns communication.

Integration Benefits




Minimise tax & duty payments for any imports back to the EU & UK.


Future-proof your returns setup by integrating via API. 


Set smart rules to control returns at product and order level. 


Verify returns in real-time, giving you total control over returns.


Single API for easy integration.


Greater returns reporting, such as reporting on SKUs.

Integration Methods



We have a single API integration, allowing you push your data feed all through one place.



Our FTP integration allows you to push ReBOUND the relevant data in the form of a CSV file. 

Ecommerce Plugins


We have a range of popular eCommerce plugins such as Shopify and Shopify+.

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