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Returns Regifting

ReBOUND's mission is to help retailers to achieve smarter, more sustainable returns whilst enhancing the customer experience.
ReBOUND Regift helps keep unwanted, yet good quality items destined for landfill in circulation. Our partnership with In Kind Direct helps those who need life's essentials whilst extending the products' lifecycles.

Why should you donate surplus stock?


74% of Britons believe a retailers' surplus stock should be donated to charity

(In Kind Direct, 2019)




5 billion lbs of online retail orders end up in landfill every year in the US alone.

(Optoro, 2019)


The landfill waste from returns alone contributes 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

(Optoro, 2019)




81% of Britons say sustainability and the environment is more important to them as a result of the pandemic
(Essity, 2020)


47% of internet users have stopped shopping with retailers that do not share the same sustainability values as them.

(Hotwire, 2019)




668,000 households unable to afford essentials such as food, heating and clothes.

About In Kind Direct
Our Relationship




In Kind Direct distributes consumer goods which have been donated by businesses to charity, ensuring no usable product goes to waste.

Founded in 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales, In Kind Direct offer a simple solution to distribute donated products to local charities, community groups, foodbanks and schools across the UK and internationally that need them to support their communities.

Their network addresses a wide range of social issues, from tackling poverty and domestic abuse, to supporting those experiencing homelessness, illness or isolation.

In Kind Direct has distributed over £250million worth of products to over 10,500 charitable organisations supporting millions of people each year



ReBOUND's technology enables retailers  to make better decisions about their inventory, ensuring that returns are optimised and handled sustainably.

In Kind Direct’s mission is that everyone has access to life's essentials, and that no usable product goes to waste. In Kind Direct operate as a hub for both charities and corporate partners to ensure that stock is getting to where it can make the biggest impact.

ReBOUND's founders have been supporting In Kind Direct for the past 12 years by managing the fulfillment and distribution on behalf of In Kind Direct through another logistics business they own. As a diamond patron, ReBOUND has also donated £60,000 to In Kind Direct to-date to help them fund community outreach projects.

Together, ReBOUND and In Kind Direct both understand the logistical challenges of getting products at volume to where they are needed. ReBOUND’s support of In Kind Direct enables their expertise to have an incredible impact.



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In Kind Direct's Reach March- August 2020

bullet-arrow  174,000 people helped each week

bullet-arrow  2,639 charities supported

bullet-arrow  £11.7m of savings for charity partners

bullet-arrow  864 charities joined In Kind Direct's network

bullet-arrow  16,322 orders dispatched

In Kind Direct's 2020 Impact Report


Manufacturers and retailers donate new or returned products to In Kind Direct

Items are sent to our In Kind Direct warehouse, based in Telford to be sorted

Charities can access and request items online to support their work
Items are picked and packed by our dedicated warehouse, and are sent to the charities
Charities receives their items! 
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Donations are tracked and In Kind Direct reports back to businesses on the impact of their products across communities

Our Partnership So Far



Products distributed to 7,979 charities in the 12 years of partnership

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200,000 orders worth £190 million dispatched to the Inkind network



£60,000 of monetary donation in the last 3 years

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In Kind Direct Big Community Picnic

As In Kind Direct Diamond Patrons, ReBOUND Returns fund the Big Community picnic, an opportunity for donor companies and charity partners to have fun and spend time together. 2019 welcomed 35 charities from regions all over England and Wales

In Kind Direct Picnic Report

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I'm interested in donating returned or surplus stock to In Kind Direct