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Advanced Returns Insights

There's no silver bullet to make returns more profitable or more environmentally sound. But with returns analytics technology, you're on the right track. 

Wouldn't it be great if you knew...



Where are most of my returns coming from? 


What causes anomalies in return rates?


Which demographics are returning the most? 


Are marketing promotions causing more returns? 


How long does it take our shoppers to return? 


When a serial returner becomes an unprofitable customer? 

Introducing a new post-purchase analytics tool...


Developed with Alliance Manchester Business School.


Who might use Insights?


Returns Analyst/ Operations Manager


Head of Sustainability


Head of Buying & Merchandising


Head of Customer Experience

Included in Insights...


Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard gives you an overview of your returns at customer level. Understand your best and worst customers, spot frequent returns abuse and build up a profile of your ideal customer.


Spotlight Feature

Spot fraudulent returns activity with predictive and prescriptive analytics to understand normal and abnormal returns behaviour by customer segment.



Helping you answer questions such as...

Website Icons (1)

Website Icons (1)Who are my best customers?

Website Icons (1) What levels of returns abuse do we see?
Website Icons (1) How can we amend our marketing to maximise customer lifetime value?




Carriers & Parcels Dashboard

The carriers dashboard gives your operations and logistics managers a comprehensive view of your returns network. They'll be able to easily report on carrier performance, parcel status by location in the network and drill-down into data by country.  


Spotlight Feature...

Improve inventory planning and better manage warehouse operations with predictive analytics about expected returns volume and items mix arriving at your warehouse.




Helping you answer questions such as...

Website Icons (1) How long does it take for parcels to move through the network?
Website Icons (1) How are returns volumes going to change?
Website Icons (1) Are there any backlogs causing delays?
Website Icons (1)Website Icons (1)

What is the value of my returned stock in transit?

What is the popularity of my green carrier offering?




Product Dashboard

The product dashboard is ideal for your ecommerce and buying and merch teams. You can view returns data for individual products at country or even SKU level. Drill down into your most frequently returned items and top return reasons to get a full view of your returns.    


Spotlight Feature...

Understand differences in return rates across product types, honing in on toxic products with abnormally high return rates.



Helping you answer questions such as...

Website Icons (1) What items are being returned and why?
Website Icons (1) How much stock is being returned? How much stock do I need to order?
Website Icons (1) Do Menswear keep-rates outperform Womenswear?


ReBOUND Insights. Power your business with enhanced returns data...

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