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Transparent Returns Process

Our online returns portal provides you with a centralised view of your global returns network. With a simple integration, the ReBOUND portal provides a truly intelligent returns process.

Who might use the ReBOUND Admin Portal?


Carrier Managers


Customer Service Agents



Warehouse Operators


Enhance your returns process with...


Returns management dashboards

Drill down into your returns data by country, carrier, tracking status or even payment type to get a true picture of your global returns in real-time.


Advanced returns reporting

Save your favourite date filters and subscribe to reports to receive regular updates of the information you need straight to your inbox. 


Smart return rules to reduce returns

All of your return rules are pre-programmed into the portal, automatically accepting or rejecting return requests, reducing returns by an average of 5%. Your CS agents can choose to override your return rules and provide shoppers with an RMA code to allow out of policy returns.


Offer rapid refunds

Reduce WISMR queries by offering your shoppers rapid refunds. You'll know what's being returned and when it's left the shoppers hands. You can then go ahead and refund your customers, rather than waiting for goods to arrive back at your DC.

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