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Seamless Returns Experience

Offer your shoppers a seamless online returns experience through a custom branded returns portal. Deliver a truly localised experience with a portal that utilises local language, local currency and familiar return options for your shoppers. 

What do shoppers want from an online returns experience?


60% want to see 3+ return options available.

(ReBOUND's Rethinking Returns)

Your shopper's return journey with ReBOUND

Shoppers are directed to the returns portal from your return policy. 
They'll need their email address & order number handy to start their return. 
Shoppers will then select which items they're returning and why.  
They'll pick their preferred return method, with a map to help them spot the most convenient location. 
Payment for return shipping can be taken online through our secure gateway.
Shoppers can print return labels on demand or receive a mobile QR code to scan at the drop-off point. 

Local language, currency & payment methods

Using your shoppers IP address, the ReBOUND portal will automatically translate into local language for your shoppers. Our built-in secure payment gateway enables shoppers to pay for their returns in local currency, or enter a voucher code for a free return.


Local return methods

We’ve integrated with over 220 carrier services globally. This means that your shoppers can print return labels and return forms on demand, so you can go paperless! Our carrier library also includes mobile return options for your shoppers who can't access a printer.



Promotional banner to reconvert returners

Returns don't have to end with disappointment. Once a shopper registers their return, you’ll be able to direct them back to your website via a promotional banner, driving reconversions and encouraging new purchases.





Shoppers kept updated

Emails are sent to shoppers with return status updates to give them peace of mind, allowing them to track the full return journey. We also provide a unique returns tracking number for instant updates.



What do shoppers say about returning with ReBOUND? 



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