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Why is ReBOUND a 'no-brainer' for your business?

ReBOUND’s market leading and robust technology platform delivers an exceptional customer journey, enabling returns in 195 countries.

There is no need for you to incur costly integrations with multiple carriers globally as we have already invested in enabling multiple return methods in each country.

Simplify your returns policy by offering one portal and one customer journey which allows your shoppers to see multiple carrier drop off locations in one google maprather than having to go to separate portals for each returns provider.

The single admin dashboard gives you full tracking and reporting visibility of customers returns globally, including visibility of returns arriving at your DC for resource planning. All services are fully tracked end-to-end with ongoing push notifications for your shoppers, keeping them fully informed during the returns journey. Regular returns communication can reduce returns and refund queries into your customer help centre. 

What are the benefits of ReBOUND for retailers?

You not only sell more because your customers have confidence in your returns process, you get lots of other benefits too!


Global Returns (UK included)

ReBOUND is a a truly global solution supporting 195 countries and territories through a single IT platform.


End-to-end managed service

Not just a technology solution. ReBOUND is more than just returns software, we'll manage the entire return journey from your international shopper back to your warehouse.


Returns tracking and visibility

You get full visibility of your returns at country, customer and product level, so you know what is in each package before it arrives and why it was returned.

What are the benefits of ReBOUND for shoppers?

With ReBOUND, returns couldn't be simpler for shoppers! They can register and track their parcel in a few simple steps, all while experiencing these great benefits...


Detects Local Language

The ReBOUND platform will detect the returners location and will automatically appear in local languageWe currently offer 25 different languages and this library continues to grow.


Reduced Return Costs

If your return policy is consumer-paid, your customers can pay for their return postage online with a typical saving of 45%.


Choice of Return Method

We have integrated with carriers all over the world so your customers get a local return experience.


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