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Find out how we’re helping Surfdome surprise and delight their customers whilst saving on their logistics...


Back in 2015, Surfdome took a look into the main causes for customer service queries.  They found return related queries we second largest driver of contacts. 
  As all international customers were expected to send their returns back through their own means, CS was filled with lost parcel claims, refund chasers, and people asking for a free return.

Surfdome needed to find a solution to empower customers to take return tracking into their own hands, while increasing their own visibility. 

Looking to offer local return addresses and tracked services to their international customer without needing tens of new carrier integrations.  Surfdome wanted a single solution which could process 100% of their international returns. 

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Having looked into several alternative solutions, ReBOUND all-in-one platform was the perfect fit. Surfdome were able to go live with tracked returns in every country they sold into, without the adding any additional costs to the project.
Surfdome's Operations team worked with ReBOUND to build a global return proposition in a matter of weeks and have been reaping the benefits of that decision ever since!


What results did Surfdome see after going live with ReBOUND?


7 Days Faster

Surfdome found that using ReBOUND was 7 days faster than their previous solution, allowing them to refund their customers quicker.


Logistics Saving

Surfdome were able to stop using local waehouses in France, the US and in Australia, an enormous logistics saving!


20% Reduction

Surfdome have experienced a 20% reduction in return queries from international customers since going live with ReBOUND.


50% Increase in First Time Resolution

The Customer Service team have full visibility of every surfdome return, all through a single portal, Allowing them to more quickly respond to any return or refund queries that do come through.


Improved Customer Convenience

Customers are able to independently register and track their returns from anywhere in the world, greatly decreasing the need to customer service contacts.


Improved Supply Chain Control

ReBOUND has enabled Surfdome to tailor their reverse supply chain to suit them. Everything from turning carriers on or off at a moment's notice, to offering free returns in specific markets.


Marion Delmaire

E-Commerce Executive, Surfdome

The ReBOUND team are extremely helpful, and very quick to respond anytime we need them. The platform is easy to use, and their consolidated returns model has sped up the process of returns from Mainland Europe by a week compared to our previous solution.

Not only have their streamlined logistics saved the company time and money, our customers love it! Customer service contacts from international customers has reduced by 20% since going live with ReBOUND. Our customers are more confident in the return process, and happier with the service they receive.




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