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Making sure your customers have a great experience throughout all their interactions with your brand is key. While most brands prioritize the buyer journey, the return journey is often overlooked. As the last touchpoint customers have with your brand, returns can have a significant impact and establish a positive or negative impression. That’s why it’s so crucial to prioritize offering a seamless return experience with transparent communication and speedy refunds. We understand that achieving this can be challenging without the right technology and logistics in place. Therefore, we have developed proven solutions that guarantee you can provide your customers with an exceptional return experience that will entice them to purchase from your brand again.

Customer Experience Challenges and How We Solve Them

Check out the list of challenges associated with offering customers a great return experience and how we tackle them.

Making it easy for your internal (retail store employees) and external (ecommerce) customers to initiate returns is an essential part of providing a great customer experience. If you don’t have the right systems in place, it can become a cumbersome process and deter customers from buying again from your brand.

At ReBound, we offer different portals to facilitate the process of initiating returns. Our ecommerce portal is available in multiple languages and can be branded with your logo and colors to give your customers the seamless experience they expect. Our retail portal makes it easy for your retail store employees to request a return of overstock or end-of-season merchandise, have it approved, and schedule a box or pallet pick-up.

If you already have a return portal in place that you’re happy with, we can connect it to our systems and still provide all of our revolutionary value-added services.


After initiating a return online, your ecommerce customers expect to be able to drop off their packages closeby to their location. In order to provide this, it’s essential to have contracts with local carriers in each of the countries your business is active in. Organizing individual carrier contracts over the world might seem impossible, but with ReBound, it’s already in place. When you work with us, you can tap into our large carrier library and ensure that your customers all over the world get the localized service they deserve.

Consumers want to be communicated with transparently and know where their items are in the return process. If they don’t have this overview available, customer service inquiries pile up as consumers wonder where their packages are and when they’ll be refunded. We collect data at every touchpoint throughout the return process, ensuring transparency throughout the parcel journey. And we enable you to communicate relevant information to your customers with our consumer portal. With a few clicks, your consumers can track returned items via the portal, ensuring sure they’re up to date about every step of the process and aren’t left in the dark.

The most important part of the return process from the perspective of the consumer is receiving a refund. If consumers have to wait weeks or months to get refunded, not only will they often launch a customer service complaint, but they might also be turned off from your brand for good.

With ReBound’s vast network of decentralized warehouses where we register returns, you can guarantee your customers get fast refunds. Since we have a global presence and stay close to your consumers, their returned parcels reach one of our warehouses within a day or two in most countries. We then check that the correct items have been returned, and send your brand a refund trigger so that you can immediately issue a refund even before the return has reached your distribution center.

Managing customer service complaints drains time and resources from your business, so ensuring that they are minimized is an absolute must.

Our solutions can help you reduce customer service inquiries by up to 90%. We ensure that your customers are communicated with transparently, can track returned parcels easily, and receive fast refunds so they don’t have a need to launch customer service inquiries and complaints.

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Make initiating returns seamless and easy for your consumers with our return portal.

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Give your consumers choice of the carriers they know and love with our extensive network.

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Refund your customers within days since we register items locally in our hubs.

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Notifications & Messaging

Keep customers up-to-date at every step of the return journey.

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