Challenge with return data and visibility

Capturing data throughout the returns process is crucial for operational control, accurate product distribution, and customer communication. However, it can be difficult to get access to the data if you don’t have the right systems in place. Inadequate technology, manual processes, and unreliable information from carriers hinders your ability to gather this data, get visibility of the whole returns process, and optimize your operations. Our solution offers end-to-end visibility, automating the process and providing you with the necessary insights to make informed decisions that enhance your customer experience and operational efficiency.

Challenges with Returns Data and Visibility and How We Solve Them

Check out the common difficulties brands face with gathering data and insights along the entire return journey and how we enable brands to access this information.

Understanding why your consumers return products is key to reducing returns. But if you don’t have a data-driven returns process, you won’t know if consumers are returning a shirt because it’s the wrong fit, wrong color, or if it did not match their description.

With our returns portal, consumers must select a reason for their return prior to getting a return label. These reasons can be selected by the brand, to get insights specific to their business. This results in a report that shows why consumers return certain products, and this data can be used to reduce returns and improve the process. For example, if you see that a shirt is consistently being returned because it runs too big, you can make the decision to adjust the manufacturing of the shirt.

If customers can’t track their returns and a refund takes more than a few days, they will likely launch an inquiry with your customer service team. And if your customer service team can’t track parcels either, then it creates an even bigger issue.

The way we tackle this challenge is by making each parcel traceable for the customer, which significantly decreases pressure on your customer service teams and improves the consumer experience. It also enables your internal teams to see where items are, so that you get a better overview of your entire network.

All carriers deliver data about your parcels in different formats. This can create a lot of confusion and make it difficult to get a single overview of all returns in all countries you operate in.

At ReBound, we aggregate and harmonize carrier information and deliver it in clean reports so that you can easily see updates from all territories in a single overview.

You need to manage stock within your sales operation, but this is largely dependent on your return operation. If you don’t know what stock is coming back, you are at risk of over-ordering certain products without realizing that they are already in the returns network on their way back to stock.

We make the entire, end-to-end return journey data-driven, enabling you to see exactly what items are being returned and where they are coming from. This data can be used to make stock predictions, which leads to better planning and lower costs. Our detailed reports give you insight into each part of the return journey so that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and lower the cost of returns. Learn more here.

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Understand the data behind why your customers return products with our returns portal.

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Ship & Track

We ensure all parcels can be tracked and traced so you know where they are at all times.

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Notifications & Messaging

Make the return process transparent with data-driven notifications of parcel movements.

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Data & Insights

Get access to return dashboards so you can see all return data in one place.

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