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We have embedded sustainability within all aspects of our business, and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable returns. However, we don’t have all the answers. Fortunately, we are connected with industry experts who can fill our knowledge gaps. 

That’s why we developed our awareness channel–to foster collaboration with field experts, network partners, clients, innovators, and other Reconomy Group businesses. On this page, we share challenges experienced by the industry and ways to overcome them. We invite our partners and clients to share their findings and solutions so that we can achieve a more sustainable world together. Competition has no place here! In addition to industry insights, you can also find highlighted white papers, articles, and case studies to keep yourself up to date.

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Challenges Affecting the Textile Industry

The environmental impact of textile waste is rapidly gaining attention from governments, retailers, and consumers. And it should! Massive changes are needed to improve the textile industry and reduce its impact on our planet and society.

Here you can find articles on the latest challenges which the textile industry face, including information on upcoming legislation.



Catalytic Fabric Recycling: Glycolysis of Blended PET with Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia

Although PET plastics can be recycled, blended materials, such as PET/cotton fabrics, complicate the recycling process due to the labile glycosidic bonds in cotton. In this study, a practical and scalable approach for recycling of PET and PET/cotton interwoven fabrics via catalytic glycolysis is presented.

Starting gun fired for clothes producers to prepare for EPR – Reconomy

According to our parent company, Reconomy, textile brands should take early action to understand their current footprint and scope out future steps in preparation for the roll-out of textile EPR schemes.

Trashion- The stealth export of waste plastic clothes to Kenya

This report exposes the hidden export of plastic waste to the
Global South, fuelled by the growing production of cheap,
synthetic clothing made by brands in the Global North.

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Challenges Affecting the Electronics Industry

In 2020, a UN global e-waste monitor report found a whopping 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste had been dumped worldwide in 2019, with only 17.4% being recycled.

Below you can read more about the challenges the electronics industry faces, and the solutions which are coming to help drive down the amount of waste.

How the Circular Economy of Consumer Electronics Can Change Sustainability

With 53 million metric tons of e-waste being produced each year, this article explains the steps that need to be taken for the industry to become more circular.

Global E- waste management: Can WEEE make a difference?

In this Science Direct article, e-waste trends, legislation, contemporary issues and future challenges are reviewed to see if WEEE really can make a difference.

Batteries: Meeting your duty of care and managing risk

In this data sheet, Valpak advises how to handle batteries to mitigate risk.

In The Spotlight

Take a look at some of the initiatives we have spotted that retailers are doing to champion sustainability. Do you have a program or report that showcases your sustainability efforts? We would love to share your work here, so please get in touch by using the form at the bottom of this page!



Carbon receipt

Allbirds adds a carbon receipt to their products

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Revolutionizing packaging

Asket Packaging White Paper

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Recycling portal

Charlotte Tilbury Recycling Scheme

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Knowledge Sharing

Below, we share our own resources, as well as those from industry experts so that you can be kept up to date with the latest information regarding what ReBound, our clients, and sustainability specialists are up to.

ReBound Webinars and Content

Sustainability and knowledge sharing are critical priorities for us, and we aim to publish content and appear on webinars every quarter to ensure that we are sharing our expertise where we can. Here, you can see some of our most recent content.




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