Omnichannel Returns

We harmonize all of your return streams no matter where they come from.

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Most brands sell products through a variety of channels like ecommerce, marketplaces and in-person retail stores. Inevitably, returns flow in through all these different sales channels which can become difficult to manage. That’s why we’ve developed our omnichannel returns solution, designed to harmonize all of your different return streams, whether the return starts online or in-store.


Many brands have their ecommerce returns well organized, but few have the same level of data and insights for their retail returns. Often, there are two separate departments that deal with these two sources of returns. At ReBound, we approach returns differently, integrating all return sources and providing one central place where you can view all returns.

With our omnichannel returns solution, we take care of the entire returns flow for all sources of returns. Whether online, in-store, or from marketplaces, we arm you with the same level of data, insights, and visibility. This empowers you to make actionable, data-driven decisions across your entire business.

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Common Return Streams

While we can manage returns from any of your sales channels, there are 3 core channels where returns are commonly a challenge. Our omnichannel solution focuses on harmonizing all streams into one seamless flow.

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Retail Store Returns

Get end-to-end visibility of returns from brick-and-mortar stores back to your central warehouse. Pre-plan pickup times and recieve pre-alerts of returned items and their quantities so you can effectively plan warehouse resources, manufacturing, and stock.

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Ecommerce Returns

Provide your consumers with a seamless experience, including fast refunds and tracking. The shopper simply selects what they’re returning and why, and then chooses from a range of local carriers – all via one fully-branded online portal.

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Marketplace Returns

Efficiently divert returns from marketplaces back to their various distributors and drop shippers. We ensure compliance with any marketplace that you work with.

Why Omnichannel Returns Management?

Omnichannel returns combines all physical and digital channels to bring you a range of benefits.

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We are your single point of contact for returns coming from all channels.

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Improve efficiency and sustainability through consolidated return shipments.

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Ensure that your customers receive a seamless return experience from start to finish.

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Reduce the overall costs associated with returns.

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Tap into a returns network that scales with you.

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End-to-end tracking of all returns from initiation until they reach the final destination.

Insights & Resources

Learn more about customer preferences, tips and tricks to improve your returns flow and latest trends in returns management.

Our products

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Sustainability is at the core of our business. Learn more about how we are putting sustainability at the heart of returns management.