Our Return to Zero Program

The Return to Zero Program is our two-fold approach to driving down operational emissions across our entire business. We work with our clients to invest in our shared network through the Impact Fund, with the goal of continuously improving sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Once emissions have been reduced as much as possible, we also offer our clients support with carbon offsetting, ensuring that only verified partners are utilized.


Impact Fund

We see sustainability as a common objective with our clients and include them when reaching our sustainability targets. This is where the Impact Fund comes in. The fund is supported by our clients, through their use of our ‘sustainability products’ or through a parcel surcharge. It is used to invest in sustainable improvements in our operational network. Our clients are kept updated on progress made through the fund, and how much of their return emissions have been reduced as a result. Any revenue ReBound acquires through our sustainability services is reinvested back into the Impact Fund, so we can further drive down our carbon emissions.


Carbon Offsetting

After reducing our clients’ carbon emissions as much as possible, they have the option to compensate for any remaining emissions through our offsetting service. Clients can choose from carefully selected offsetting projects, including those which focus on:

  • Environmental preservation and development
  • Social Impact
  • Innovation for a cleaner planet

Each project is externally validated, to give you peace of mind that all offsetting projects are legitimate. Clients know the amount of carbon emissions to offset through our free Basic CO2 report or through our client-specific Advanced CO2 report.