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Working with some of the world's best known brands.

We’re revolutionizing returns for some of the biggest brands in retail. Our client portfolio spans a range of industries and sectors, from fashion to technology. Across our range of clients, we’re powering millions of return transactions globally.

Boden case study

Supporting Boden's Returns

“Because of the power of the ReBound portal, we were able to expand the consumer offering and provide different options with carriers. This menu-based, personalized approach to returns fits the different demographics of customers that shop with us.”

Leyton Jones, Operational Development and Facilities Manager at Boden 

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Represent case study

Supporting Represent's Returns

“If you want to focus on the entire returns journey, ReBound is the best for the job. ReBound allows you to scale your business without having to worry about the implication on the return journey for the customer. If we expand to new regions, I know ReBound can support us there.”

Stefan Lewis, Chief Digital Officer at Represent

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Columbia Case Study

Supporting Columbia's Returns

“As a consumer experience, to give the choice of multiple carriers is a very positive thing. It was very well received by the consumers. Our user experience regarding the way that people are able to drop off at a location convenient for them is way better than before.”

Tanguy Honore, Ecommerce Director Europe, Columbia Sportswear

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Nikon Case Study

Supporting Nikon's Returns

“We embedded a comprehensive distribution matrix with set rules to utilize ReBound’s flexible return solutions to the full extent. For example, we can now follow geographical service options, current local capacity situations, or local tool availability.”

Joachim Hofmann, General Manager Service & Support, Nikon

Case Study Template

Supporting Pepe Jeans Returns

“ReBound is a great solution provider because they have warehouses all over Europe and can process returns really fast. Now, the complaints from customers have reduced—we don’t have the volume of claims that we had before.”

Jordy Moriana, Online Logistics Manager, Pepe Jeans

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