EPR for textiles - ReDress solution

ReDress is Reconomy’s single-service solution to enable textiles EPR .

What is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

EPR is an environmental policy where a producer’s responsibility for a product is extended to the post-consumer stage of a product’s life-cycle.

Producers could be manufacturers, importers, brand owners, retailers, distant sellers and foreign producers. The inclusion of textiles into EPR schemes aim to improve recycling and reuse rates, and generate positive environmental change on a global scale via incentives and fees.

Let us help your business redress the environmental impact of fashion

ReDress is our global solution designed to assist organizations in managing the intricacies of textile Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations. Our all-in-one solution combines comprehensive, technology-driven, modular services, providing a streamlined approach to addressing EPR challenges.

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Horizon scanning

Stay updated on global environmental legislation and gain insights to navigate evolving compliance requirements with the help of our international compliance team. Our experts guide you through the complexities of environmental laws, helping you reduce risks and maintain compliance.

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Data Management

Navigating complex legislation requires accurate data for informed business decisions. Our approach integrates high-quality data management with cutting-edge tools, making compliance reporting more efficient and streamlined.

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Environmental Compliance

Our global Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) operation is designed to simplify compliance, whether you need support through the entire process or just a portion of it. We offer flexible assistance to ensure your compliance journey is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

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Omnichannel Take-back

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation often requires mandatory take-back programs. To meet this need, we offer a comprehensive solution through integrated software and an expansive logistics network. This complete ecosystem effectively manages textile take-back on a global scale.



Producers may be obligated to provide consumers with access to repair services to extend the lifespan of their products. Through our repair network, we can restore used textiles, making them suitable for reuse or resale, and offer advice in this area.

What does EPR for textiles mean for you?

There are various aspects you will need to understand and prepare:

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Global obligations and legislative timescales

What do you need comply to?

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Your financial impact

How does it influence your organisation?

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Data and reporting requirements

How to collect data and how to use it efficiently?

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Setting up take-back, reuse and recycling

Is your network ready for this challenge?

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Are you ready for EPR in textile?

Because we are!

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