Our Impact

Moving parcels around the world has an environmental cost, which is why establishing an environmentally-friendly network is such a priority for us. To ensure accountability, we have identified key metrics which we report on quarterly, so you can stay up to date on our progress throughout the year.

How do we get to these results?

Network Sustainability Index

For us to truly understand our footprint and network, we first need insight into what efforts our carriers are taking to become more sustainable. That’s why we developed our Network Sustainability Index. This survey is sent to all carriers annually, and measures them on 15 factors, focusing on:

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Operational Network

We calculate the percentage of electric vehicles and renewable energy they use and what certifications they have.


Social Responsibility

We examine if they have policies in place which align with the missions of both us and Reconomy Group.


Sustainability Strategy

We pay attention to their strategic sustainability focus and progress over time in reaching their goals.

Answers from the questionnaire are then analyzed and each carrier is given a score based on their performance on a scale of 1 to 10. We consider a carrier to be sustainable if they score higher than 7/10, and our target is to achieve 85% of all our parcels handled by sustainable partners in 2030.


CO2 Calculation

Because we have insight into our carriers’ efforts, we can make detailed carbon emission calculations on every parcel which enters our network. We value being as transparent as possible, which is why we make these reports available for all clients, so they can acquire knowledge about the sustainability of their return operations.

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How do we plot our emissions?

To calculate emissions as accurately as possible, we consider many factors including:

  • End-to-end distances between locations (from the consumer to our client’s location(s)
  • Capacity of vehicles for each transport leg
  • Filling rate per transport leg
  • Transport mode
  • Fuel type
  • Parcel size

Our calculations are verified by an independent third party.


What do we do with our results?

Plotting our emissions allows us to identify which countries and carriers require improvement and allows us to target high-emission countries with greener carriers and alternative transport methods. For example, we have implemented alternative fuel HVO in our UK operation to reduce the amount of co2 emissions. HVO creates 89% less co2 p/km driven and so is an easy way to help reduce our impact. Our CO2 target is to reduce emissions per parcel by 50% by 2030.