We are on a mission to be the global leader in sustainable returns management.

At ReBound, we believe that we have a responsibility to help brands understand the environmental impact of returns and to improve the circulation of all returned products. Through strong collaboration with partners and carriers, we achieve a greener network and influence clients and consumers to choose sustainably. We take our clients on our journey with us, and achieve a more sustainable return service together.

Our Goals


Eco-friendly Network

Our network is at the heart of what we do. Through the support of like-minded logistics partners, we ensure that our entire operation is as environmentally friendly as possible. We strive to operate a low-emission network and use recycled or renewable materials where possible, all to achieve an eco-friendly network.

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Circular Economy

We have adapted our operations to ensure that we are contributing to the circular economy. We offer services to our retailers which will help them improve the lifecycle of any return which is passing through our network.

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We are passionate about sustainability and there is still a lot to learn. We are committed to gaining and sharing knowledge and have developed a strong ecosystem for collaboration through our awareness channel.

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How We Achieve Our Goals

To achieve our goals, we have identified our “5 P’s” which are the 5 key areas where we can achieve the most impact. We set clear targets, drive sustainable thinking, and make a true difference.

We plot the carbon impact of our entire network to find our areas for improvement. We reduce our emissions by implementing low-emission carriers and alternative fuels while applying multimodality and smart routing.

We reduce the amount of packaging materials associated with returns by encouraging retailers to go paperless and providing services such as reusable packaging and pallets.

We prolong the product life with a strong focus on circularity. Through our online clothing bank, our reconditioning services and our extensive (partner) network, we contribute to the circular economy.

We collaborate with experts to strengthen our sustainability expertise and share our insights actively. We use our awareness channel, webinars and in-person events to spread valuable information.

We engage with colleagues internally and ensure that sustainability is embedded in the DNA of our company.