Challenge with increasing return volumes

When return volumes rise, it’s necessary to discover the reasons behind the increase. Potentially, it’s due to a large sale, peak season, recent expansion to a new region, or there might be a fault in the manufacturing of a product. Once the cause of the increase has been identified, the next step is reducing returns at the source. Regardless, accommodating a significant influx of returned products can be a struggle if your warehouse lacks the necessary staff or space. We understand these challenges and have the technology, staff, and warehouse space to manage your return volumes all year round as your business grows.

Return Volume Challenges and How We Solve Them

Check out the list of challenges associated with managing increasing return volumes and how we tackle them.

During peak season (which occurs in fall around Black Friday until after Christmas), your return operation will likely be disrupted with a larger amount of returns in one short time period than during the rest of the year. Many brands don’t have the warehouse space, machinery, or staff to process all of these incoming returns. The backlog can quickly become overwhelming and cause issues with your customers who want to know when they will receive their refunds.

Our solution is simple: We have a large, global network of decentralized warehouses that can scale to accommodate surges in returns during peak season or after large sales. We have the warehouse space, staff, machinery, and processes in place to keep operations running smoothly as always, since returns are what we do best. When you work with us, you can expect that your customers will receive fast refundsĀ  365 days per year, even during and after the holidays.

It’s necessary to have a significant amount of warehouse space to process returns, but this can be a challenge if most of the warehouse is dedicated to processing outbound shipments. At ReBound, we’re all about returns so the incoming shipments don’t have to compete with the outbound shipments.

Not only are all of our warehouses dedicated to processing returns, but we have a network of warehouses all over the world to ensure that we stay close to your consumers and can manage any volume of returns, even if it increases sharply during peak season.

In addition to space, you need trained employees to scan, sort, and process returned parcels. Since we specialize in returns management, we have all of the staff required to process your returns and do it properly according to SOP documents that you provide us with. This ensures that our staff is able to handle any volume of return, in exactly the way you’d like, and get it back to you in perfect condition ready to be resold again.

If too many parcels pile up and there isn’t sufficient staff and space to manage it, return lead time is going to increase which means that customers may begin to question where their refunds are. With our decentralized network of warehouses, we get items back faster all over the world. In our warehouses, we scan each parcel, check what’s inside, and send a refund trigger to your brand to ensure that you can issue fast refunds no matter the return volume.

As previously mentioned, reducing returns is the first step in combatting increasing return volumes. The most common ways to reduce returns are to check that your products are shown as accurately as possible online. This includes:

  • Thorough product descriptions
  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • User-generated feedback including reviews and pictures

As experts in returns management, we can advise you on the best strategy to ensure that returns reduce at the source. To learn more, check out our returns management page.

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