How ReBound Helped Columbia Create a More User-friendly Return Experience

By utilizing ReBound's solutions, Columbia was able to transform their return process and create a seamless experience for consumers.

By Laura Garrett

Columbia Sportswear is a leading, global brand that manufactures outdoor clothing and lifestyle gear. To handle their returns, Columbia was working with a carrier along with Narvar, a post-purchase customer experience platform for consumers. Narvar was using Columbia’s carrier contract to display shipping labels to their consumers, but they wanted a more robust solution that would allow them to continue using Narvar which is how they ended up choosing ReBound. By partnering with ReBound, Columbia was able to continue working with Narvar to facilitate returns while improving the experience for their customers and increasing their return logistics network to span all over Europe.

“Clearly, the ReBound model is fully consistent and relevant for customers like us. It’s a way to provide a full network all over Europe with one single contact, which of course provides better service, optimization, and simplification.” -Jerome Hilselberger, Regional Logistics Manager 

ReBound’s solution involves delivering aggregated carrier data and providing local postal services per country. This increases the number of locations where consumers can drop off their packages which makes returns easier and more convenient.

“As a consumer experience, to give the choice of multiple carriers is a very positive thing. It was very well received by the consumers. Our user experience regarding the way that people are able to drop off at a location convenient for them is way better than before.” -Tanguy Honore, E-commerce Director Europe Columbia Sportswear

During the project and implementation phase, ReBound monitored the progress and facilitated the collaboration with Narvar and Columbia. ReBound’s services are now up and running in 8 countries and counting, and the implementations are continuing to run smoothly.

“I think the collaboration [between Columbia and ReBound] is good. The project, in my point of view, was properly monitored with frequent meetings that were well organized with proper tracking of our key tasks and responsibilities.” -Jerome Hilselberger

Not only did ReBound have a positive impact on their customer experience, but also on their efficiency in the warehouse. Since ReBound provides consolidation and pre-alerting of the goods returning to the distribution center, Columbia is better prepared to handle the returns coming back to their warehouse.

“Our return department in the warehouse is super happy with the packing and information received from ReBound. It’s way easier for them to plan the resources at the warehouse and to manage the bulk of returns that are coming back.” -Tanguy Honore 

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