Delivering a Hassle-Free Returns Experience for Represent

Discover how ReBound helped Represent truly revolutionize their returns.

By Laura Garrett

Represent is a British luxury streetwear brand creating fine garments that are sold across the world. As a prominent fashion brand renowned for their quality products and strong UK presence, they know that returns are a particularly important touchpoint with customers. They recognized that to extend their global reach while maintaining their commitment to product quality and customer experience, they’d need a partner to help them create a consistent and easy return experience all over the world. To tackle this challenge, Represent turned to ReBound.

The Challenge

Represent aspired to expand its global presence while maintaining its high-quality standards. Represent needed an efficient, worldwide returns solution that catered to diverse customer needs. Lastly, the brand’s frequent product launches meant customers sometimes changed their minds, making a seamless returns process essential to maintain customer loyalty.

The Solution

Represent partnered with ReBound to address the aforementioned challenges, and came up with great solutions to manage their returns:

  • ReBound’s custom-branded returns portal
  • Advanced processing activities to speed up refunds
  • Scalable returns all over the world

ReBound’s customer-focused returns solutions, such as our online returns portal, aligned with Represent’s commitment to providing top-notch service. The returns portal is custom-branded, so their customers get a consistent experience. Plus, it makes it seamless and easy to initiate a return and offers a variety of local return options. They also made use of ReBound’s processing activities, which can speed up refunds for customers and make the entire process more efficient. For example, when their US customers return items, they’re inspected locally in the US and then the customer receives a fast refund rather than having to wait until the item is back in the UK to issue a refund. Lastly, ReBound’s global presence means that as Represent scales its business to new markets, we can support their returns no matter where they go.

“If you want to focus on the entire returns journey, ReBound is the best for the job. ReBound allows you to scale your business without having to worry about the implication on the return journey for the customer. If we expand to new regions, I know ReBound can support us there.” – Stefan Lewis, Chief Digital Officer at Represent

The Results

The collaboration between Represent and ReBound yielded impressive results:

  • Customer Retention
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Mutual Growth

Represent maintained a high customer retention rate, as the hassle-free returns process encouraged customers to return and purchase more frequently. Additionally, customers in the US now receive refunds one week earlier, a significant improvement over previous processing times. One of the highlights of this working relationship is that over time, the partnership between Represent and ReBound has grown stronger, with both entities working together and strategizing alongside each other to continue improving Represent’s returns.

“Our collaboration with ReBound has been a game-changer for Represent. We’ve not only improved our returns process but have also maintained a high customer retention rate. ReBound’s global reach and customer-centric approach align perfectly with our brand’s values, allowing us to focus on growth and quality products while knowing our returns process is in excellent hands.” – Stefan Lewis, Chief Digital Officer at Represent


Represent’s successful partnership with ReBound exemplifies the positive impact of efficient returns management on ecommerce businesses. By entrusting their returns process to ReBound, Represent was able to maintain and improve their high customer-service standards, while increasing their global footprint. As they scale their business further, they know ReBound will be there to support their continuing growth.

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