Carbon-Conscious Returns: Achieving Low Emissions in Reverse Supply Chains

By Natalie Delaney

The carbon emissions released from return operations can often be an afterthought for retailers, but with average return rates reaching 30% in the fashion industry, these emissions can be significant.

In this webinar, we discuss how returns can be seen as an opportunity for brands to reduce their environmental impact and explore initiatives that carriers and retailers are implementing to help drive carbon emissions down.

In this webinar, join our panel of industry experts to learn: 

  • If retailers and brands are just starting on their carbon journey, where can they start?​
  • Changing consumer behavior – what do shoppers want? ​
  • How are carriers changing their operations to support a more sustainable landscape?​
  • How can retailers and brands understand what is happening with their downstream emissions, and what can they do to reduce them?​
  • What does the future look like with return sustainability?​

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