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Shopper Contact

We manage online returns for hundreds of retailers around the world, so if you're a shopper with a return query you should contact the retailer you ordered from directly who will be able to help you with your query.

You can also get help from the 'shopper bot' located at the bottom right of the screen.

Please note, ReBOUND does handle customer refunds, so for any refund queries you will need to contact the retailer you ordered from. 

Shopper Help
Where is my nearest drop-off point?

When returning via the portal, you'll be able to select your preferred return carrier/drop-off point. There is a map in the portal that shows you where your nearest drop-off point is. If you've forgotten, you can find out by checking the carriers website directly. For example, if you selected Collect+ as your return method, you'll need to go to your local Collect+ drop-off point. 

ReBOUND has no drop-off points directly, we simply connect you to a range of local carrier services. 

How do I return via ReBOUND?

If a retailer has advised you to return your item via ReBOUND, you need to head over the the retailers returns policy where they will have a link to the online returns portal you need to head to to get started! 

I still have not received a refund, where is my return?

We understand that it can be frustrating waiting for your refund, ReBOUNDs return network is designed to get your parcel back to the retailer as quickly as possible and we have a dedicated logistics team to ensure parcels keep moving. Sometimes, delays can happen if there are bank holidays, driving strikes etc. In an event where your parcel is delayed, please reach out to your retailer. We will work with them directly to ensure the parcel keeps moving and will start the claiming process if necessary. It is the retailers responsibility to issue a refund to you, the shopper.

I have changed my mind, and no longer want to return my item. How can I get a refund for the postage I have paid?

Changed your mind? No problem! Please reach out to the retailer directly and explain you wish to have a refund for the postage. Once the retailer lets us know, we can issue this refund, and it will appear in your bank account in 1-2 business days. Please note, we are unable to issue refunds directly to the shopper.

I have registered the return online but I have not yet received a return label

There are a few reasons why you may have registered a return but may not have received the label. First, please check your junk/ spam folder, as your label may have been diverted into there. Secondly, the label is sent to the email which was inputted during registration, if there was a typo for any reason, it would not have been sent. In this instance, please reach out to your retailer. They have a portal which includes every label produced by the shoppers, so will be able to resend you the label.

Help! I have taken the parcel to my chosen drop off point and it hasn’t been accepted. What do I do now?

Sorry to hear that! Please note that all our labels have been tested rigorously before we go live with a particular service, so it is likely to be isolated to that particular drop off point. Please check your email confirmation which details any specific information related to your drop off point and try an alternative location, where the parcel should be accepted without any issues.

I cannot complete a return because there is an error message during registration!

An error message can appear during registration for two reasons. Either, the address has been inputted incorrectly, or the carrier might be temporarily down, meaning they cannot accept any label requests. In either of these instances, please reach out to us using the chat bot of the bottom of this page and a member of our team will be able to assist you.

I scheduled a home collection but nobody turned up, what can I do now?

We are sorry about that, it can be very frustrating when you have been waiting for a courier to pick up your parcel and they haven’t collected it! Please reach out to your retailer and they will be able to reschedule this for you.

How can I talk to someone about my return?

ReBOUND hold contracts with hundreds of individual retailers - as such, ReBOUND are unable to assist with individual shopper queries. For any issues regarding your return, you need to contact the retailer you purchased from who will be able to help you. This includes tracking queries and refund queries. 

The ReBOUND portal offers multiple return options, therefore any delays or issues you may face are not the fault of ReBOUND, and should be raised with the retailer directly. 

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