Career Story: Mark Murthwaite

By Laura Garrett

Mark Murthwaite began his job as a Corporate Recruiter at ReBound just over six months ago. He has 31 years of recruitment experience within various industries, the last 13 of which he spent working for a university in the UK recruiting master and professional doctorate students. He specializes in IT recruitment but also recruits for many other departments within ReBound and assists international candidates in relocating to the Netherlands. His immense experience in the industry helps bring in top talent in the increasingly competitive job market.  

After leaving his job for the university, he focused on self-development and charity work while deciding what his next career move would be. He knew his passion lay in recruitment but had decided that he did not want to join an agency. He began searching for companies that needed a dedicated, in-house recruiter within the HR team which is how he stumbled upon the opportunity at ReBound through a friend of a friend. When asked what his favorite part is about his job at ReBound, he replied, “The part that I am doing right now is the best! I am working for an organization and helping them to recruit the right people for the roles. It is my first time working within an organization rather than as an external via an agency.” According to Mark, working within an organization is more fulfilling because he feels like his is part of the team and can contribute to shared company goals. 

He loves his job because he can talk with many different people from all around the world. Since ReBound is a very international company, he recruits candidates from many different countries and cultures. That international spirit is one of the reasons he was swayed to choose ReBound over other job offers he had on the table. When asked what inspired him the most about his job at ReBound, he said,The sensation that you’re doing good when you’re placing people in the right roles. And having fun while doing it!” 

Recently, Mark had one of his biggest moments of success so far in his role as Corporate Recruiter. “Two weeks ago, on August 10th, my first recruit started! ReBound had been looking for the right person for this role since October last year. This was my first real success, and when I first talked to him I just knew he was the right guy for the job.” The matchmaking ability that Mark possesses helps ensure that the best talent with the right skill set, like-minded attitude, and drive join ReBound and help power the organization forward. 

One of the things Mark highlights the most about his job at ReBound is the “people-first” mentality. He appreciates ReBound’s healthy work culture that is promoted from the top down and says, “ReBound has the makings of a fantastic organization, especially in terms of its people. The right people are in charge, there is a great HR team, and this is the first company that I’ve seen truly put the human in human resources.”

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