Ebook: How Sustainability Measures Can Decrease the Cost of Returns

By Laura Garrett

Sustainability is very important to most companies, both because of legislation and regulations, but also because consumers expect the companies that they buy from to act responsibly and sustainably. Returns are an area where companies can make a significant leap in becoming more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint. However, sustainability, especially in operations, is often associated with increased costs. We’re here to bust the myth that making your return operations sustainable equals increased costs. In fact, we can prove that the opposite is true! Making returns more sustainable can actually decrease the total cost of returns, if sustainable solutions are implemented the right way.

Our ebook “How Sustainability Measures Can Decrease the Cost of Returns” explores the different areas of return operations where you can make the most impact with sustainability while decreasing costs at the same time. Good for the planet, good for your brand’s reputation, and good for your consumers.

Readers can expect to learn:

  • First-mile return solutions that are more sustainable and decrease operational costs
  • Concrete ways to reduce the CO2 footprint of your transport and the impact on your bottom line
  • Alternative options for end of life stock that help your your brand contribute to the circular economy

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