Returns Unboxed: ReBound's Newly Launched Podcast

By Laura Garrett

We’ve officially launched Returns Unboxed, our very own podcast! If you work in retail, you’ll understand what a challenge returns can be. Returns Unboxed aims to help streamline what can be a logistical nightmare, while sharing our experiences of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

With our extensive returns experience, we know that for every headache-inducing challenge, there’s an unmissable opportunity to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and get ahead of the curve. We’ve created Returns Unboxed to unpack the ever-evolving landscape of returns, helping you dial up those opportunities with practical strategies and insights.

In each episode, our host Laura will explore the topics you care about most – from peak season and sustainability to emerging return data and insights – alongside a range of guests and experts. All this, alongside the soon-to-be infamous “You found WHAT in the box?” segment, where we reveal the strangest stories from the frontline of returns (and believe us when we tell you, some of them are totally shocking!).

The first episode, “Preparing for Peak”, was released on September 26th and is now available everywhere you normally get your podcasts. Stay tuned for future episode releases by subscribing to our podcast.

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