How We Make Returns Scalable

By Laura Garrett

In the fast-paced world of product returns, flexibility is the name of the game. Time of year, holidays, and the economy all affect how many sales your company will make, and therefore, the return rate. Brace yourself, because when sales shoot through the roof, returns inevitably follow suit. But here’s the plot twist: as your company expands its horizons, catering to customers from an ever-growing number of countries, you need to handle more returns with ease. Failure to adapt and accommodate the ebb and flow of these returns can have a steep toll. We’re talking about item devaluation and, worst of all, dissatisfied customers. And trust us, that’s a price you don’t want to pay. So here’s the secret ingredient to ensuring the success and sustainability of your return operation: scalability. Imagine a solution that scales alongside your expanding business, effortlessly handling returns during peak sales seasons and from new regions as you spread your wings. When it comes to returns, adaptability is your greatest ally, and if you want to win at the returns game, having a scalable solution is the cornerstone of success.

That’s why our mission as returns management specialists is to make returns smart, simple, and scalable for our clients. So what do we really mean when we talk about scalability in the context of returns?  We mean that our solutions adapt to capacity, geography, and network needs. No matter how much return volumes increase, we accommodate all returns and deliver value-added services along the way. Our network is built to be scalable so that we can support our clients’ return operations, regardless of their size, meeting their growing needs as they expand.

Scalable Capacity

When we talk about capacity, what we are really looking at is the volume of returns that need to be processed. As a company grows and begins to sell more products, more returns also need to be processed. We can easily expand our operations to support companies as they grow, ensuring that they have a reliable return solution no matter their size.

For many companies, especially those in ecommerce, capacity can pose serious issues, particularly around peak season. Peak season occurs primarily around the end of the year when people purchase mass amounts of items both for themselves and as gifts during the holiday period. When consumers change their minds about that holiday dress they thought they loved or the gifted sweater from grandma that isn’t very flattering, they choose to return those items. With a large volume of returns flooding in, many companies that handle their own returns cannot cope with the massive increase. There is often not the number of staff or machinery needed to process returns in such large volumes at the rate that consumers are used to. And when consumers wait long times for their refunds to be processed, it can significantly damage a brand’s reputation.

With our returns management model, this simply isn’t an issue. We have a broad network of decentralized warehouses that allow us to handle large increases in return volumes. That means that when companies let us manage their returns, they can rest assured that their returns will always be processed in a timely manner, even during peak season.

Scalable Products and Services

We offer over 30 products that cover the end-to-end returns journey, from initiation to VAS and redeployment. We break this down into five groups of products: Initiation, ship and track, processing, notifications and messaging, and data and insights. To build our end-to-end return solutions, we piece together products from each group that fit our client’s unique needs. For each client, we compose a flexible full-service return solution that is capable of scaling as the company grows. There is also the option to add additional products to improve efficiencies along the way.  

Scalable Geographically

Our return solutions cover over 100 countries, guaranteeing that you have a solution wherever you need it. Essentially, we can handle returns from anywhere to anywhere. Our focus is on contracting local carriers, ensuring that you can stay close to your consumers and offer localized services. If companies manage their own returns, they must buy new warehouses, hire new staff, and contract new carriers every time they want to expand to new regions. When you work with ReBound, you can add new territories with the click of a button, allowing easy and seamless expansion to new geographical regions.

Scalable Network

What allows us to offer truly scalable return solutions is our extensive logistics network, which is fully managed by us so our clients never have to worry about it. We’ve built a vast network of over 300+ carrier services and 30 local warehouses, allowing us to serve almost every region around the world. Additionally, we continue integrating with new carriers all around the globe so you don’t have to, and are constantly seeking to increase the number of carrier services that we offer. By tapping into our network, you get automatic access to all of this and have a solution that scales with your brand as you grow. 

Working With a Trusted Partner

It’s important to find a trusted partner to manage your returns, one who you can rely on to be the expert in helping you retain value and improve your customer experience. At ReBound, we aim to be that partner. By working with us, you get access to our scalable products and services that span the globe plus our extensive partner network. This means you can offer your customers more choice of local carriers than ever before all over the world, providing a top-notch and consistent customer experience globally. Contact us today to find out how we can help you revolutionize your returns processes.

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