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Data Focused

Returns are no longer a blind spot. We'll give you the tools to harness returns data, allowing you to spot retail trends, influence keep rates and understand the true lifetime value of a customer.

Why should you focus on returns?


27% of shoppers returned items because they were not as described.

(UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper 2019)


59% of retailers say they don't have sufficient data to identify serial returners.



12.85% of shoppers
have admitted to wardrobing at some point in their life.

(ReBOUND's Returns Fraud eBook)



Real-time returns data

From the moment a shopper thinks about sending an item back, your customer service teams can instantly locate order details. With ReBOUND’s management dashboards you can empower your logistics analysts to collaborate with marketing and digital teams to make smarter data-driven decisions.



Reduce unnecessary returns

Return comments allow you to capture product feedback, identifying common faults or inaccurate product descriptions. Plus you can prevent late returns from being sent back outside of your policy with RMA control to reduce returns and improve keep rates.


Shopper return insights

By mapping retail returns data against order data, you can achieve an accurate view of returns costs and understand the true lifetime value of your customers. You may discover that serial returners are your best customers, and identify the handful of fraudsters trying to game the system.


Wouldn't it be great if you could...



Identify which items are your problem products...



Locate customers who exhibit abnormal returns behaviour...



Measure the impact your marketing activity has on return rates...

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